5 things under £5 – cruelty free

Hi everyone

So I’m always on the look out for a bargain, a little treat that isn’t going to break the bank. So here are my 5 things for under £5 and best of all they are all cruelty free.
1. Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab
I love this little circle of goodness. It’s basically a chalky disc of tea tree and it has so many uses. My favourite way is as a spray, I put it in a cup of warm water and let it dissolve and the pour it in to a clean spray bottle and then spray it on to my face after cleansing. I don’t use a toner where you need to wipe if off as I feel that this spreads bacteria as I’m prone to breakouts so this toner tab is perfect for me.
2. MUA lip liner
At £1 you cannot go wrong, I am a little clumsy with pencils and carrying a lip liner around is an accident waiting to happen for me but for for £1 I don’t need to worry.
3. MUA Lip stick
I’ve been trying to improve my lip collection for a little while but as I’m more of a gloss than a stick person, I don’t want to spend a fortune straight off so this is perfect for me, yet again another £1 bargain. It’s a perfect match to the lip liner above and lasts really well. It’s very creamy and glossy which is good for me as I can often have dry lips. I would reccomend MUA generally but especially you are on a budget.

4. B. Miscaller water face wipes
I will be doing a review on these soon as I’m not normally one to recommend face wipes but I will make an exception for these. They are very moist and don’t drag you skin. They are also on offer at £1 in Superdrug right now so get in there quick.

5. MUA White eyeline pencil
Can you see a theme here? MUA is becoming a staple in my make up bag. I’ve not worn a white eye pencil for a while and I don’t know why because they brighten and widen your eyes. The amazing this about this pencil and also the lip liner above is that they come with there own pencil sharpener. Amazing! 
Have you spotted any bargains or treated your self recently? I’d love to hear.
Thanks for reading.