AKL Review- Bayliss and Harding vegan and cruelty free Pink lemonade

Hi everyone

Something slightly different today, I don’t think I have talked about this brand much on my blog so I thought it was time to give it the love it deserves especially when I have the most amazingly pretty products to talk about.

The brand is Baylis and Harding and today I have the Beauticology Pink Lemonade hand wash and shower creme. I have been using the Baylis and Harding hand wash for years even before going vegan and cruelty free as the packaging is so pretty. It is a little bit like the Molton Brown packaging look and feel but about four times lower in price. I stopped using it when I first went vegan as I didn’t know if it was vegan and as I tried to get my head around everything it took a lot research but now I am 100% back on the Baylis and Harding train.

So when my family brought me these lovely gifts I was in love with them the minute I saw them. They are sooooooooo pretty!

Bayliss and Harding is a cruelty free brand and for the most part they are vegan. I believe the only exception is the products that contain honey but please do check as there could be others. The products are really good value for money and come in at about £2/3 for hand washes and shower gels.

So lets talk about the hand wash first. I love the hand washes, they come in really big bottles compared to other hand washes and are roughly the same price tag. They wash is a gel texture and really lathers up on your hands. This one smells so good it really is like a strawberry lemonade, its really summery and makes me feel happy looking at the bottle in my bathroom.

It isn’t chemically or clinical like some hand washes and after the last couple of years and the on off shortages of hand wash its nice to be able to have fancy ones again (especially on non fancy prices). It also doesn’t dry my skin out. I am working from home so its the only one I use and I haven’t felt my hands drying out at all.

Next is the Pink Lemonade shower creme, this again is such a huge bottle for a shower wash. It, like the hand wash, makes my shower look so pretty. I do sometimes find that the Baylis and Harding shower products come out in a big blob and therefore it comes out in too big amounts to use. With this being a shower creme rather than the gel it is much creamier and therefore easy to use, no big blob. It also has a flip top rather than a top you screw off which help monitor the product coming out. It doesn’t sound like a major issue until you have your product accidentally flop into the bottom of the shower and run off down the drain. So big thumbs up for a flip top.

I would recommend these products. I love all Baylis and Harding packaging but this one is particularly fancy and really brightens me up. They are amazing value for money and with there cruelty free and largely vegan credentials its a great purchase.

Thanks for reading