AKL Reviews – Baylis and Harding pretty pink set

Hi everyone

So I am about the post about one of the prettiest ranges I might have ever talked about, although I said exactly this last time I posted about the same brand, you can find that post here.  Of course I am talking about Bayliss and Harding. I am such a big fan! This is the Jojoba, vanilla and almond oil set which contains a moisturising hand cream, moisturising body lotion, moisturing body wash, moisturing hand creams and moisturising shower creme. I was given this set as a gift and I almost didn’t want to open it as the packaging was amazing, it came in little boxes stacked on top of each other and tied with a pink ribbon. I am very disappointed in myself for not getting a picture.

Bayliss and Harding for some reason get a bit of bad press, I am assuming it is because it is quite cheap and accessible in supermarkets and places like pound land. This doesn’t concern me , the products are admittedly hit and miss in areas but personally I really like the brand

So lets start with the body wash and shower cremes. They are very small bottles with it being a gift set so I got about 3 washes out of each of them. They are both a gel like consistency with the creme being creamier (as the name suggests). The issue with this is that the products slips and slides out of the bottle as well as out of your hand when trying to rub it is. You sort of have to rub the gel between your hands to break it down and then lather it up on the body. Once you have done that though it lathers really well and leaves your skin feeling fresh.

The cap on these bottles makes a difference to how fast the product comes out as the opening is really big whereas ones I have had before had the stop cap that you flip open and it lets out much less product. So my recommendation is that if you are buying Bayliss and Harding shower gel then go for the flip top to make sure you get value for money.

Moving on to the body cream, quite moisturising but as they are a slight gel consistency they don’t have a lasting moisturising feel. They do however rub into the skin really well without being greasy or leaving any sort of residue, perfect for when you are in a rush. It also leaves a really sweet smell on the skin I find moisturisers often fade but this one didn’t. The body lotion is quite small again and I got about 4 uses out of this. I would buy the full size of this.

The hand moisturisers are the best part of the gift and you get 2  in different shaped containers but both 50ml. The one in the shorter bottle was actually a different consistency, it was the same as the body lotion and then the tall hand lotion was thicker. These smell really fresh and sweet and rub in again really well so prefect for at work or in a rush. These feel like really good value for money and I would buy these individually.

Last but not least is the obligatory gift set filler in the form of bath soak crystals. I don’t normally use bath salts or crystals other than the Westlab salts but I thought I would give them a go. These were my least favourite part as they basically dissipated the minute they hit the water but without leaving a fragrance even though they did smell nice in the packet. So other than filling the gift they are a no from me.

So that is my review of the Bayliss and Harding Jojoba, vanilla and almond oil gift set. They are so pretty and smell amazing but I would recommend the moisturiser both body and hand over the washes or crystals.

Whats is your opinion on Bayliss and Harding, I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks for reading