AKL Reviews vegan and cruelty free beauty – ELF Puff Puff cannabis stavia face primer

Hi everyone

I am on a constant search for really good vegan and cruelty free face primers, I have a few that I love and that I keep going back to but I am not 100% sure I have found my holy grail primer yet. It is entirely my own fault as when it comes to primers and foundations I am switching them up a lot and so its hard to give primers a decent run with no variables (not to get too technical).

So here I am again with another face primer to review. This time it is the Puff Puff primer and it is from the ELF hemp derived Cannabis sativa range. Its not a completely new range to ELF but they do keep adding new products. I saw this on offer and couldn’t resist a bargain.

So what is canabis stavia?

Canabis stavia is a plant that is often used in food, textiles and skin care. When we say Canabis most people think of Marijuana. Marijuana and hemp do come from the same plant but are different based on the variety of the plant and the amount of THC that they contain. THC is the psychoactive that gives the high from cannabis. Hemp contains very little THC so has no psychoactive effects and therefore no high.

The products in the ELF puff puff primer is Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. This is a cold pressed oil that comes from the hemp seeds. This oil contains Omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants. The primer also contains Hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil and vitamins A and C.

What is a primer

A primer is a liquid often a cream, gel or lotion that you put on after moisturiser and before make up to prepare the skin and act as a barrier. It can smooth pores, fine line and wrinkles to provide a better surface with which to apply foundation. It also ‘sticks’ your foundation to your face to help it stay fresh and on the skin longer without smudging or moving. Depending on what primer you purchase it can also reduce oily skin, make the skin matte, hydrate or colour correct.

The ELF primer is a cream and comes out on to the skin more like a moisturiser than some of the more silicone feeling primers. It rubs into the skin like a moisturiser and soaks in literally in a few seconds. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin and has a really nice fresh smell. It is a slightly earthy and if you have smelt hemp before you will know that I mean buts it a really fresh, sweat earthy smell.

For me this is a hydrating and nourishing primer that acts as a barrier between the skin and make up as well as hydrating and brightening the skin, it doesn’t provide any coverage in terms of pores or fine lines. It is very much there to be a layer in between the skin and make up. I make a point of saying that as I sometimes use primers almost like a tinted moisturiser just keep my skin matte and blur any fine lines on a day when I don’t want full make up but I want to give my skin a boost. This is not that type of primer.

I really like this primer, its fresh, nice on the skin and does feel like it add a layer of hydration before my make up. For me this would be a for a dry skin day or a light make up day as I don’t think it has the staying power of my other stickier primers like The Ordinary or the blurring effect of Make up Revolution primers. However I would say its a good one to have in my collection.

For me I will hopefully be going on holiday soon depending on how the lock down goes and I will be taking this with me as it will be perfect for an evening out with minimal foundation and skin that has been in the sun all day (skin coated with sun lotion I might add!)

I hope this has been helpful if you are thinking about and looking for a new primer.

Thanks for reading