AKL Reviews – ELF superhydrate

Hi everyone

I am back again today with one of my all time favorite brands, Eyes Lips Face or ELF as its commonly known. I used to mainly use ELF as my go to make up brand but just recently I am mainly buying there skincare. They seem to be bringing out skincare ranges all the time and I am going to be honest it was actually the packaging that attracted me to this particular range!

This is the ‘Super’ range and my new find is the ELF super hydrate moisturiser.

It is a gel like textured moisturiser that contains squalane as well as some other quite familiar ingredients such as Niaciamide and Glycerin. Squalane is found in shark liver oil (which is just disgusting for starters and an awful use of a beautiful creature) but recently there is a massive increase in plant based squalane. Plant based squalane is found in plant sources like olives and wheat germ oil. So I suppose the first piece of advise is just make sure it is the plant based version you are using!

So lets talk about why we should be using squalane.

Squalane is an amazing product to treat fine line, wrinkles, UV damage, and skin pigmentation. It can also be used on scars to reduce the appearance. It is a very light and so is a good ingredient for those people who have oily skin to add hydration.

The ELF moisturiser would be a really good product if you have oily skin generally. I find gel moisturisers are really good for every day use. it soaks in well so can be really under make up and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. It does however feel like you are adding moisture to the skin. It is what I would call a light moisturiser so if you have particularly dry skin I would look to add maybe an oil to this. I scoop a bit out and rub it in my palms and they pat into my face so its easy to mix in other products.

The tub lasts long time as you only need a tiny bit of the gel for the whole face and it costs around £9.

So would I recommended this – always the main question?

Yes I would, its a great product and really good value for money. Its very middle of the road product so not as ‘targeted’ as other skincare. I cant imagine that it would ‘not work’ for any skin type and it does contain products that are both hydrating and control sebum but would maybe not be moisturising enough for really dry skin so bear that in mind if purchasing. All in all though I love it and have already re purchased.

Thanks for reading