AKL reviews – ELF vegan and cruelty free face washes

Hi everyone

Back to my ELF obsession for this post. I love the ELF make up but just recently I have also been loving the skincare, I tried the eye mask and face masks and they are amazing.  One thing I hadn’t tried though was the cleansers. I found two different ones on the website and spent ages reading which one to get, going back and forth and then …… brought them both. It is a good job that ELF is so affordable!

The first cleanser I brought is the ELF daily face cleanser with purified water, I was looking for a daily cleanser and this is a daily cleanser so you can see my logic. I love the colour of this packaging, it is really summery and fresh looking. It is quite a big tube as well so I was really pleased with the size. However the cleanser itself I am just not sold on. The main reason being that it is very thin and comes out in a big blob every time I squeeze the tube which means it runs out really fast. I really tried hard to squeeze just a bit but it hardly takes any squeezing and it come out so fast, I just felt like I got through the product in record time.

It does feel really nice on the skin and smells nice and fresh, I just wish it was a bit thicker. It removes make up really well even mascara so that is a real plus for this product. I wouldn’t say I like it more than the Simple cleanser I have been using though. It cost around £3/4 so good value but with the excessive amount of products that comes out I am not sure I would repurchase unless the packaging changed or they thickened the texture of the product.

The next cleanser I brought is the Bounce Back Jelly cleanser with hydrating coconut. Again I really like the look of the packaging, its such a lovely colour and feels really fresh. This packaging is much better than the daily cleanser, the opening of the tube is much smaller and so you get out the product amount that you actually want.

It smells amazing, the coconut is all you can smell and I love it. Although if coconut is not for you then do not buy. The texture of the cleanser is thicker that the daily cleanser so that is good and although the bottle is slightly smaller I felt like it lasted longer.  This was around £3/4 and so I feel great value for money.

So to round up the cleansers I would 100% repurchase the Bounce back Jelly cleanser, for the coconut smell if nothing else, i just love it. The daily cleanser I wouldn’t repurchase as it stands which is a shame as I really don’t say that very often about ELF products but while they offer the Bounce back Jelly cleanser that is what Ill be purchasing.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think about ELF cleanser and if there are any you would recommend.