AKL reviews – ELF vegan and cruelty free super mask

Hi everyone

Today I am bringing you summer in a bottle (sort of) with the ELF vegan and cruelty free super mask with soothing centella asiatica. From the bright yellow packaging to the citrus fragrance it makes me pine for the summer so much, even spring would be good right now.

I am such an ELF lover, I originally started with there make up but I have moved more recently to the skincare. So after an innocent little scroll through there website I saw this mask and it accidentally fell into my shopping basket. Then my card details and address got entered (somehow) and then lets just say lots of little accidents led me to find this mask on my door step. Surprise!

I am sure you are wondering by now what Centella Asiaticatica is. Well it is a green herb that is designed to reduce the redness in your skin. As well an antioxidant it helps ensure that this mask  soothes and calms the skin. It is designed for stressed skin so as well as Centella Asiaticatica it contains, my favourite, lavender and coca butter.

This skincare is one of the higher priced ELF items at £12 but it is quite a big tub. I have used it twice now and barely made an indent (as you can see from my finger indents). The texture is like a face moisturiser but maybe slightly thicker. It goes on the skin white but once you have spread it out it is almost clear on the skin. It feels slightly tight on the skins while drying. It says to leave it 10-15 minutes but I have it on for about 20 minutes and then just wash it off with a face cloth and hot water.

It left my skin feeling really soft like I had just applied my moisturiser. It was soft and supple and also felt like a really good base for make up actually although I do like to leave my skin bare after doing a mask. It smells so good on your skin as well, it make me feel brighter in myself.

I actually love the packaging as well, there seems to be a really bright them for skincare and make up at the moment and i love it., I do think as well as make up and skin care doing the job they say on the tin they should be about fun and happiness and time for yourself so why not reflect that in the packaging. All in all I would 100% recommend this mask.

Thank you for reading