AKL Reviews – Garnier organic skin care range

Hi everyone

I am talking today about a brand that I haven’t used for a very long time and that is Garnier. I have 3 products from the new Garnier organic skincare range. I have the Anti aging eye cream, the face wash and the miceller water.

Firstly lets talk about how pretty the packaging is, its so fresh and summery. I have a real weakness for either pretty packaging or clinical packaging (think The Ordinary skincare). These fall right into the pretty category.

So lets dive in to the actual products and we will start in the order of use with the miceller water. I start with this because I use Miceller water to take off my make up or sun lotion. Miceller water is basically a purified water that contains things like glycerin to clean your skin and removed things like make up and dirt. This miceller water is also really good at getting rid of water proof mascara!

So this feels like a good time to talk about glycerin as this can be both animal and plant derived. In its no vegan form it is a sugar alcohol derived from animal products, plants or petroleum. For the vegan version it is made from plant oils and you will be able to tell the difference by checking if the product is vegan or not. If its not then there is a high chance that the glycerin is the cause. The glycerin in this range is plant based and therefore vegan but its important to call it out so that you can check your products.

I really like this product, it smells so good and is really refreshing on the skin, I didn’t feel like it was drying or dragging my skin. I just use it with cotton pads to clean my skin and remove make up before washing my face. The tub is huge, it costs around £6 so really good value for money against other products that are a similar price but much smaller.

Moving on to the next step in my skin care routine and it is the Detox gel wash. This contains organic lemongrass essential oil, organic cornflower water and botanical glycerin (again plant based).

This face wash is designed to remove dirt and oil from your pores as well as smelling amazing. It is a gel formula and leaves my skin really clean feeling and it didn’t strip my skin. The face wash is around £5 and again a decent sized bottle so really good value. I like the dispenser on this as well, I feel like when its just a normal cap top I get too much product out and waste it but with this it lets you get the right amount.

Last up is arguably my favourite product is the soothing lavandin anti aging eye cream. There is a theme here on size as although eye creams always come in small packages this is one of the bigger sizes I have seen. It is the priciest product at £8 but still good value for money.

It contain organic lavender essential oil (my favourite), organic argon oil and vitamin E. It aims to hydrate the eye area and reduce the appearance of eye contour wrinkles. You only need a tiny bit on your finger to dab under the eye, it is really creamy but soaks in well and is non greasy. It smells amazing again but very subtle which suits me as the fragrance in some products can irritate my sensitive eyes.

There are other products in this range including oils, serums and creams but I am really happy with these 3. They are gentle and light on the skin. I like products that offer good value for money and actually feeling nice on the skin.

I hope you have enjoyed my review, I would love to hear if you have tried anything from this range and what you thought.

Thanks for reading