AKL Reviews – Live + Be cruelty free and vegan body care range

Hi everyone

I cant believe I haven’t spoken about this range from Boots the Chemist before. Sometimes you just stumble across products accidentally and end up loving them. I was having a wonder around Boots looking at as always for new vegan ranges and brands and I spotted a clearance sale of products, after checking them out for being vegan and cruelty free I rearlised I had a outright bargain on my hands here. This is the Live +Be range from Boots, it is vegan and cruelty free and the most expensive products in the range is about £1.75.

So lets start by talking about the range in general as this aims to be more than just a body care range. It is designed for when you need a pause from life, to be awakened, connect or to get back to nature. It is based around fragrance notes in four categories Woody, Floral, Fresh and Oriental which are used in 4 ranges called Awakening glow, Woodland whisper, Captivating pause and Beautiful connection. They each have a series of body washes, body creams, bath soaks, hand creams, face masks and body mists. Each range offers something different in terms of the benefit it gives.

Awakening glow

This is made up of the fragrance notes Mandarin, Yuzu, Mimosa and Almond and is in the fragrance class Fresh. This is designed to be awakening and to be in the moment.

Woodland whisper

This is made up of the fragrance notes Fennel, Coriander, Cardamom and Charcoal and is in the fragrance class Woody. This is deigned to make you breath deep and take a pause.

Captivating pause

This is made up of the fragrance notes Nutmeg, Jasmine, Coconut and Black sugar and it is in the fragrance class Oriental. This is designed to bring you peace and allow your thoughts to float with out judgement.

Beautiful connection

This is made up of the fragrance notes Rosewood, Peony, Lily of the valley and Amber and is in the fragrance class Floral. This is designed to time to focus on what is positive in your life, to be grateful, show yourself some kindness and connect with the people who matter.

What a lovely range and a lovely idea!

So lets get into the products themselves, firstly we have the body washes.  Normally I find that the cheaper the body wash the quicker you use it but not in this case. The body washes are really thick and creamy and you only need a small pump and so the bottle last for ages. The body washes smell amazing and regardless of the fragrance they have an over riding relaxing feeling to them.

I really like that they have a pump top as well as it means you can dispense the product without wasting any. I tend to use the Awakening glow for the morning and the Woodland whisper in the evening.

Next we have the face and body clay mask, these for me are the best part of the range. They are in a huge face mask tub, I am about half way through the Captivating Pause and I have used it about 6 times for a full face mask. Again they are just so thick and creamy. They smooth over the skin nicely and have a very subtle fragrance which is good for me when products are close to my eyes. It takes a while to dry and although it say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes I do often leave it on longer.

I really feel that my skin is clear and clean after using and I have been using this regular twice to three times per week. It doesn’t dry my skin but it does feel like it draws out the impurities and while it hasn’t got exfoliating properties it make the texture of my skin smoother.

The body cream is next and again there is a theme here about it being thick, creamy and lasting a considerable amount of time. I really enjoy the fragrances, they smell nice but not over powering meaning you can put them on in the morning and then put perfume over the top. They moisturiser soaks in well, it is not greasy but it does leave a lasting feeling of hydration. Again I tend to use the Awakening glow in the morning and the Woodland whisper at night.

All in all I would recommend this range and all its products. I honestly cant pick out one that I would not repurchase. The only criticism if I have to have one is that the range seems to be hit and miss as to what is available. You can normally get every products but you cant always get every product in every range so for example the Beautiful connection range I have really struggled to get hold of. At the prices and the size of the range it really is not a major concern.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my wonderful find and I would love to hear from you if you have tried this.

Thanks for reading