AKL Reviews – Lush haul – bath bombs, bubble bars and bath oils

Hi everyone

Its been so long since I have done a Lush haul and purchased any of there new bits however I was lucky enough to get two amazing sets from Santa at Christmas. Some new and some old favourites included. Here are my thoughts on the lovely Lush goodies.

Firstly I got a Snow Fairy gift set with four beautiful Snow Fairy products. Its a really good selection of the types of products that Lush do. In the gift set there is a shower gel, a body conditioner, a bath bomb and a bubble bar.

Lets start our review with the Snow Fairy shower gel. This is a 100g bottle of the shower gel and it generally comes in sizes of 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg bottles. Firstly you need to give this shower gel a good shake as if it has sat for a little while the glitter ends up at the bottom, something I didn’t realise the first time I tried it and ended up with one last very glittery shower. This shower gel lathers really well into a pretty pink glittery lather and a little does go a long way. It leaves a beautiful scent on the skin all candy floss and bubble gum, although for those of you who don’t like over powering sweet fragrances it is actually very fresh and personally I don’t find it sickly sweat.  The fragrance lasts throughout the day which I really like it and it leaves your skin soft and feeling clean. This is one of my favourite Lush products even if it is only a Christmas event.

Next is the Snow Fairy body conditioner. I love in shower moisturisers, they are quick and easy to use and they take the hassle out of waiting for moisturiser to dry if you are in a rush. The Snow Fairy body conditioner is a bit more subtle than the shower gel in terms of its fragrance but still leaves an amazing scent on your skin and if you use with the shower gel just enhances the last-ability (is that a word? Well if not you know what I mean!). The body conditioner texture is like a shower cream rather than a moisturiser. It leaves you skin really smooth and soft, I like to exfoliate right before using to make my skin extra soft. This is a 50g tub and it comes in 100g, 225g and 475g tubs.

Next we have the Snow Fairy both bomb. So just to explain in case you haven’t tried one before a bath bomb is a mixture of ingredients such as fragrance, emollients, herbs and oils, it is different from bath cream in that they often contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid which create the fizzing sensation. It comes in a solid form often a solid ball shape (but there are so many other shapes and moulds now) and breaks down under warm running water to release the fragrance and other ingredients.

The Snow Fairy bath bomb is the prettiest piece of the gift box. It has a beautiful white glitter snowflake on one side and a blue glitter snow flake on the other. It is also the strongest smelling products both in solid form and as it fizzes away in your bath. It turns your bath water into a beautiful pink and purply glittery concoction and has a lovely creamy feel in the water. Again one of my favourites.

Finally we have the Snow fairy bubble bar. A bubble bar really does what it says on the tin (or not in the case of Lush as all of the bath bombs and bubble bar products are naked i.e. not in packaging) and creates loads of amazing bubbles. With the bubble bars I do not put the whole bar in, I crumble a bit in under warm running water and then keep adding until I get the desired amount of bubbles.

The Snow Fairy bubble bar keeps up the pink glittery theme and bubbles really well. My advice would be to get in the bath asap after crumbling so that you can judge the bubbles around you. The smell again is slightly more subtle than the bath bomb but still very lovely. I got two baths out of each bubble bar and they were very bubbly.

My second gift was a hand created one and there were four different pieces in this gift. Firstly there was a second Snow Fairy bubble bar so that’s amazing. Then there was the Coco loco shower oil, the Snowman dreaming bath bomb and the Rudolph’s nose shower gel.

Starting with the Coco loco shower oil.  The shower oils are a bit like the in shower moisturiser but they are solid until you apply heat. You use them by rubbing between your hands to break the solid product down and then applying to the skin while your skin is still wet just after you have finished your shower. This oil smells amazing, coconut is one of my favourite fragrances.  You have to be really careful to store it well as any heat or water does break it down so you want to make sure it is stored in its solid format. I got three uses out of this and it moisturises well giving a smooth feeling to the skin.

The Snowman Dreaming bath bomb is next and this contains fragrances of citrus, lavender and cedarwood designed to help you drift off into an amazing sleep. I love the way the colours appear on one side of the bath bomb when its solid and when you put it in the bath the colours just get brighter and then merge to create a really pretty purple blue colour. The smell is much more subtle than other bath bombs which I like. This is again a Christmas only bath bomb but it is worth the wait. I love the little hat and scarf detail.

Last but not least is the Rudolph’s nose shower bomb. The shower bombs work in a similar way to the bath bomb in that it fizzes into a lather. The difference is that you lather it in your hands and then use in the shower as a cleanser rather than just put it in the bath to fizz. The Rudolph’s nose shower bomb is a cherry fragrance and it smells so good It lathers really well but you do have to use this quickly, you cant let it stay under the shower for long or it kind of just disappears. You need to wet it, lather it and cleanse with it straight away.

All in all I love the Lush products I have been given, it is not often I dislike any Lush products to be honest but I do have favourites. The Snow Fairy products are amazing, well worth stocking up on those at Christmas to last you through the year and secondly I love the shower oils. I will try others as well as the Coco Loco but I love the fragrance on this one and so will repurchase.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and found it useful if you are thinking of indulging in some lively Lush products.

Thanks for reading