AKL Reviews – Lush haul

Hi everyone

Its very hard when talking about a company like Lush to truly say I have a favorite and mean it as I love literally what the different ranges and products. However if I really had to put a pin in it and sign my name to one range it would be Snow Fairy. I am already cheating as I am choosing a range not just a product.

The range is such a lovely colour and smells amazing, it is really sweet so I know that actually it can be a little much for everyone. To me it smells like a bag of sweets or rock from the seaside. If you have ever been into a ‘proper’ sweet shop where they get you an amount of sweets from the big tubs around the shop and put it into a paper bag then you will understand the smell. The smell for me is like opening that bag! You are hit with a sugary sweet smell and I love it! It does only become available at Christmas or at least winter but I wish it didn’t as it is so summery and bright in colour.

I have the Snow Fairy shower gel, I love the texture of this shower gel, it is really thick and it lathers so nicely. It has blue glitter in the bottle which at first I didn’t notice as it had sunk down to the bottom so you do need to shake this bottle. You only need a little bit of the shower gel as it is so thick so although this is a little bottle it does go along way. If you like sweet shower gels then I would 100% recommend this to you!

I also have the Snow Fairy body conditioner, again this is the most amazing pink. It looks like a strawberry jelly. Body conditioner you use when you are in the shower as a moisturiser. Once you have used the snow fairy shower gel and you have rinsed this off you then rub the conditioner over you skin, rinse and and dry your skin. I love that this leave your skin so soft and smooth. It makes my skin feel softer than most of the moisturisers I use. It also leaves the snow fairy fragrance on your skin, which again some will love and others wont.

I have never really been one for in shower moisturiser as I love the idea but not so much the after effect as I often find that the moisture just disappears. With this one I don’t find that it goes away even after drying my skin with a towel and putting on my clothes. I do sometime apply cream on top on areas such as my arms but this is soft and smooth enough not to need to.

I love this fragrance and this range. I’ve noticed that they are doing snow fairy face mask which is really pretty, I don’t think it smells like snow fairy which would be amazing! The are not currently selling the shower gel or conditioner but for me its one to 100% one to put on your Christmas list.

Thanks for reading.