AKL Reviews – Lush relax box

Hi everyone

So lets talk about Lush,  I got a amazing gift box for my birthday and although its taken me until now to write about it there is no doubt it was one of my favourite gifts

The box I got was the Relax box and it contains the sleepy shower gel, dream cream hand and body lotion, the Twilight bath bomb and the bubble bar called A French kiss. It every much does what it says on the box!

Lets start off with the bars so A French kiss bubble bar is very random looking and the name surprised me to start off off. Apparently the lavender and rosemary as the scents of southern France. If you look at this online and then my picture you will see its slightly different as the purple had smudged in what was meant to be a white tip and also missing the lavender sprig.

However this has made no difference to the amazing smell and the amazing colour it turns your bath. This bubble bar contains cocoa butter, rosemary oil, thyme oil, lavender oil, and shea butter. It is designed for relaxation and sleep as well as moisturing your skin.

If you haven’t used a bubble bar before then it is similar to the way you use a bath bomb. You crumble this under warm running water and as you do it releases the scents as well as creating amazing bubbles. You can choose to use it all or you can just crumble a piece of it off and use one bar in a few baths.

I really enjoyed this and I did choose to use it all in my bath. It smells amazing but not over powering. It fells nice on the skin and does leave any greasy or gritty residue. I do always mix my bubble bars with either a bath oil or bath gel but this on its own created some lovely foamy bubbles even without the other additions.

Next in the box we have the Twilight bath bomb. This bath bomb contains lavender oil, ylang ylang oil and tonka, again a mixture of relaxing scents and oils. I have had this bath bomb before and it turns the bath a lovely purple colour and it actually breaks down quite quickly as bath bombs go. Again you can choose to use it all or break some off and get a few baths from one bomb. This is also a glittery bath bomb, I know that is not for everyone but I feel it adds something a little special.

Moving on to the tubs in the box and we have the Dream Cream. This is such a lovely cream, it contains rose water, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, chamomile, tea tree oil, lavender and citrus. This is designed to soothe the body and mind with scents like lavender and rose. Its a really fresh fragrance and smooths into the skin so nicely, soaking in well without any greasy residue. I tend to use this right before bed so that it helps me sleep or if I am feeling a little stressed I will use it as a hand cream.

I really like the fact that you can take these tubs back to Lush to exchange 5 of them for a fresh face mask. You soon get to the 5 tubs especially round Christmas and birthdays and you can choose from any of the fresh face masks. Its a really good incentive to get people to return the tubs so that they can be re used.

Last but my no means least (in fact my favourite product in the box) is the sleepy shower gel. I have used the Sleepy moisturiser before and it is the most amazing sleep aid. I used to slather it all over my arms and it really helped me relax and sleep well. The shower gel works in the same way. Personally I don’t think it smells as strong but I think that is just because it is a shower gel and you are washing it off. I have also used this to wash my hand with if I am feeling a bit stressed and I just take in the fragrance.

This is one of the smaller tubs at 110 grams but the texture is really thick so it last ages. I have been using this for a couple of weeks already and its about half full where I can go through cheaper shower gels in a couple of days.

So is this good value for money? The gift box works out at around about the same price as the individual products so yes if you were planning on buying this mixture of products anyway. I would likely purchase these as separate items going forward as I like to mix up the types of bath bomb I use but the sleep shower gel and the dream cream I would 100% repurchase and I would mix in a sleepy moisturiser as well. It does however make the perfect gift!

Thanks for reading