AKL Reviews – Lush veganese conditioner

Hi everyone

I have a lovely Lush product to talk about today in the Lush Veganese conditioner. I really love the Lush fresh pots, they have some amazing ingredients and you get a really good amount of product actually. When I purchased a few products a while back it came with a Lush news letter and it talked about where there ingredients produced and the charities and cause they support in doing so I mean I loved Lush products anyway but if you can get your hands on that newsletter (or I am sure just there website) then you will love them even more.

The Veganese conditioner has just so many amazing ingredients in and is designed not only to treat you hair but your scalp also. It contains seaweed, lavender, rosemary, lemon oil, lemon juice and Agar agar gel.

I am a big fan of hair products that treat the scalp as I have quite thin hair around my face and one of the reasons can be not having optimal conditions on your scalp for hair to grow. I have talked a little about this in a couple of my post which you can find here:

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My routine for thinning hair

I use conditioner every time I wash my hair as well as an overnight treatment for my hair. I use conditioner as after I have shampooed my hair and rinsed the shampoo off. I use conditioner to make my hair softer, more manageable, to repair damage from heat and to protect my hair.

This conditioner felt really nice on my hair, it is not as creamy as some of the other conditioners I have used and so I did feel like when I rinsed it off that it didn’t detangle my hair as much as I would like but it did hydrate my hair. It is really light and doesn’t weigh down my hair or feel like it is coated with products. With having fine hair even I do find that hair products that are too thick sit on my hair. It smells amazing as well lavender and citrus fragrances are my favourite fragrances and I really like the rosemary in this as well.

I would certainly recommend this if you have oily or fine hair, hair that doesn’t suit those thicker heavier conditioners. It also smells really fresh but not overpowering. I am someone who doesn’t mind smelling my hair and body products but this one is very subtle. All in all another win for Lush. It comes with a recyclable pot like many Lush products which once you have 5 post you can take them back to Lush and get a free fresh face mask – amazing!

Thanks for reading.