AKL reviews – Provence Beauty under eye serums and eye creams

Hi everyone

I am talking today about a new range of skin care I have been trying out. It is a brand I purchased from T K Maxx which is one of my favourite shops for beauty because I see new and interesting brands in there that I don’t get in my regular shops.

The brand I am talking about today is Provence Beauty. This brand creates products that are vegan, cruelty free, organic and high quality. There website advises that all there products are there for a specific therapeutic reason. They do not use fillers of any kind, meaning that almost every ingredient in products is an “active” ingredient. I have been buying there eye products but they actually do a full range of products including face, eyes, bath, body and wellness.

The products I have brought and I want to share with you today are the Hyaluronic acid and Retinol Hydrating and Firming eye cream and the Vitamin C and Retinol anti aging serum.

I have always used an eye cream on my undereye but that has traditionally been it, however I spotted these serums and I am really impressed with how nice they are. They come in these little tubes with dropper tops which really help to make them easy to use and to make sure you only get the amount of product you need.

The serum is exactly the same texture as a face serum (if you haven’t used one of those then it is a gel texture) so it is easily spreadable and is easy to apply without dragging or pulling the eye area. This product doesn’t have a fragrance which is important to me as my eyes are easily irritated.

I tend to apply a couple of drops to my ring finger (on both hands) and apply under both eyes and then dab the serum into my undereye or use my jade roller. I then use the left over when most of it has been applied to the under eye on the top of my eye. I let this absorb fully before I then move on to my eye cream.

Since using this I have found that the area under my eye to be tighter and firmer and also brighter especially of late when I have had a few late nights.

Moving on to the eye cream I love the little tubs that they come in. They appear on first glance quite small but you only need a little bit so they last so long. This is actually my second tub and the first one lasted me about four months in total so its amazing value for money to say these only cost around £6.

Like the serum this cream is thick and rich but really easy to spread and you only need the smallest amount. It is un fragranced and none irritant. I apply a small amount again to my ring finger and dap around my under eye until absorbed or again use my jade roller. I find that this make my under eye feel fresh and smooth. It is none greasy and non clumpy so as well as moisturising it goes well under make up and under eye primers.

I am really impressed with the Provence beauty products I have tried and I do feel like I am able to take better care of my under eye. I wear contact lenses and so I often feel that I am unintentionally pulling my eyes so its important to take care of them. You should always apply eye serums and creams before your face serums and creams. I will be repurchasing these products and trying out the rest of the range.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this blog useful. I would love to hear you recommendations and comments below.