AKL Reviews- Superdrug Extracts banana hair mask

Hi everyone

I am talking hair today. I don’t think I actually post as much about hair as I do skincare and make up but one thing I am very keen on though is keeping my hair healthy. Or as healthy as I can after years of dying, styling, heat damage and general environmental damage.

I recently posted about the Lush H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment which I loved but it is £15 so I also wanted a cheaper treatment to use along side it. One of my newest products to try is the Extracts hair care in Banana.  It is vegan and cruelty free and just the most amazing value for money I have seen in a mask at just under £2.50. This is a 3 in 1 mask that you can use in different ways to deeply conditioner the hair. The smell of this mask is amazing and it leaves your hair smelling so nice.

You can use this 3 ways:

  1. A conditioner to wash out – you can use this after shampooing in the shower as a wash out conditioner to smooth and protect you hair (as well as make it smell sooooo good)
  2. A leave in conditioner – you can use this as a leave in conditioner so apply this after shampooing to wet hair (toweled dry wet hair). Use it at the ends and be really careful to not get this near your roots. For me I wouldn’t use this option as I have thin hair even though there is a lot of it and this would be too heavy on my hair.
  3. A hair mask – my favourite option is to leave this in hair for as long as possible before washing off. I apply this to dry hair and if I can leave over night before washing off in the shower the next morning.

For me the deep conditioning was what I brought it for. I do feel leaving it on overnight really locks in the condition and I can see and feel the difference in my hair once I had washed it. My hair was smoother, softer and shiny. It is thick but also light and although it would be too much for me as a leave in conditioner the mask and wash off ways of using don’t weigh heavy on my hair.

I got about 4 uses out of this and I have long (to the waist long) hair, it is quite fine but I have lots of it so you may find you get more. At about 53 pence per application for me it is such good value. I would recommend this for dry and damaged hair as it says on the tub as well as those people who want to use this to maintain healthy hair. I use this regularly about 2 times per week but then when I dye my hair or if I ever do actually style it again after that as one off boosts.

Thanks for reading