AKL Reviews – The body shop Nourishing Body Butter

Hi everyone

The Body shop has been a funny one for me over the years. I used to love it when I was at school and we were all coating ourselves in the vanilla body mists, then I felt too grown up for it and shunned it for years only to go back and forth about its vegan and cruelty free credentials more recently.

Don’t get me wrong the amount of products that I love from the Body shop is too many to mention but it has had a turbulent past in terms of its animal rights work. Being brought by L’Oreal I know put a lot of vegans and cruelty free purchasers off.

For me I don’t think I see it as one of my favourite go to brands but it is one I often get brought gifts from which is amazing. One of those gifts is the Wild Argon oil sublime Nourishing body butter.

As you can see I couldn’t even wait to take a picture of this before diving in with all 5 digits and making a mess. It was worth the mess though as this moisturiser is so good. It is really thick and creamy and you really only need a little bit as it goes a long way. I do think the Body shop moisturisers feel quite luxurious (I mean they should for £16), they really do make my skin feel different after usage and if I put it on before bed I can feel it and smell the fragrance when I wake up.

This one is really fresh but also sweet, it is subtle enough to go under perfume but also stays long enough to wear on its own. It soaks in really well which is great if you are in a rush and need to get to work, it doesn’t stain or rub off on your clothes.

I would generally recommend The Body shop moisturisers, there are about 16 different  fragrance combinations of nourishing body butters from fruit strawberries and raspberries to more earthy one such as the green tea. They come in these lovely little tubs and are a really good size to say how much you use each time. I love packaging too much and this is really clean and neat looking. They also do moisturising yogurts which i love.

The only issue for me is the price as I feel that brands such as Beauty Laundrette that are also vegan and cruelty free offer a similar feel of luxury, great packaging and great product for less that half the price tag. I buy from Beauty Laundrette regularly but I am not sure I could justify the cost regular for this one.

Thanks for reading