AKL reviews – The Ordinary Glycolic acid

Hi everyone

There are some brands I worry about talking about in posts as I am not sure how many times I can talk about them before it is reasonable to say I am obsessed. The Ordinary is starting to become one of those. I actually cant help it though I keep buying new products and expecting that at some point I wont like them. So far that hasn’t happened.

My most recent purchase is the Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% toning solution. I have used Glycolic acid for a while now but until this purchase I have been using the Superdrug Naturally radiant glycolic acid.

So first things first what is Glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is a tonic that you can use to exfoliate your skin without using a rough scrub or any sort of beads or abrasive ingredients. The way that glycolic acid works is to removed dead skin cells from your face with the idea being that it leaves your skin fresher, brighter and smoother. It effectively dissolves the dead skin rather than scrubbing it away.

I used to use face scrubs all the time, I tried to use products that claimed to be gentle but they still just made my skin red and blotchy. Using acid on your face sounds like it would be really abrasive but The Ordinary glycolic acid also contains aloe vera, ginseng and Tasmanian Pepperberry which means it is gentler on your skin and these ingredients can reduce inflammation and redness.

So why use an exfoliator?

The reason I exfoliate my skin is because I get a lot of texture on my skin and also I get scaring from when I have had blemishes in the past but also from the odd ones I get now. I seem to have quite sensitive skin so as soon as I get a blemish even though they go quite quick I end up with a red patch for ages. The glycolic acid helps with this.

The way I use Glycolic acid is on a cotton pad, I use the dropper top and put about 3/4 drops on the cotton pad. I use this once a day and swipe the pad all over my face. It makes you face feel slightly damp and so I let it dry for a few seconds. Then I apply the rest of my skincare on top. I only use this once a day and I tend to do it in the morning, more than once a day could be a little bit much for the skin.

I am really impressed with this glycolic acid as it is such a big bottle for the price, I love the dropper top as I can control the amount coming out properly and its actually is a really pretty colour (not important but it is a little pale pick colour). When you first use it you sometimes get a slightly tingly sensation. I personally had this maybe once and then it was gone but I would recommend maybe trying this on a small patch of the skin first.

Thanks for reading