AKL Reviews vegan and cruelty free beauty – The Ordinary Vitamin C skincare

Hi everyone

More vegan and cruelty free beauty products from the Ordinary today. I could literally talk about this brand and the products in every post as they do really full fill my skin care needs. The new purchase is The Ordinary Vitamin C suspension 30% in silicone. Vitamin C is a ingredient I just keep hearing about over and over again and I have so many friends that swear by it never mind the blogs and You tube videos I have seen. So I decided it was time to give this apparently miracle ingredient a go.

So why is everyone raving about vitamin c?

Vitamin C is said to be one of the best additions to your skin care if you want to hydrate your skin, brighten and even your skin tone. It is credited with firming the skin, giving a really youthful look and reduce redness in the skin. Once of the most interesting benefits for me as well if that it can repair sun exposure. That is a huge list of very impressive benefits!

The Ordinary Vitamin C product comes in a 30ml tube and while 30ml is the normal The Ordinary size this tube look extra small but actually quite cute. The product is a white cream that at first glance looks like a skin moisturiser however as you rub this between your fingers it starts to dry and get more powdery and almost feels slightly gritty in texture. It has a slightly chemical smell but very subtle and that does seem to go as soon as it drys on the skin.

You have to be really careful with Vitamin C as it ‘conflicts’ with a few other products If you are using The Ordinary you can read all about this on the website but it will apply to all vitamin C products. When a products conflicts with another product it means a number of things but basically that it will not work as well as using it without the product it conflicts with and vice versa. It could be that the products stop each other working, it could be too much for your skin e.g. if using it with acids or it could break you out for example. All skin is different so its important to read about the products you choose regardless and of course stop using if you see any negative side affects. Vitamin C is one that you do need to be careful about as it does seem to have the most conflicts with other products.

I use this product in the evening which is what it recommends. I use it after cleansing and I mix it with an oil or moisturiser to slightly reduce the potency and also to spread it across my face more easily and evenly. My go to mixers are the the Ordinary 100% plant derived squalane oil or The Ordinary natural moisturising factors and HA.

Vitamin C can create a small tingly sensation on your skin when you first use it and if you use it without mixing it. It is not painful but may feel slightly strange and it is certainly worth testing this out on a small patch before putting it on your whole face. It make my skin feel a little dusty when it dries which is strange and very slightly whiter like when you apply a really thick sun cream. There is a very small tingling sensation as I mention but for me it is very minor and last maybe 5 minutes and there is no redness that I have noticed.

So does it live up to the hype?

All in all I would say yes it does.  After using this products even after one appreciation my skin felt brighter the next morning. Over time and with more uses I do think it feels smoother and firmer. I do have quite a bit of texture on my skin and I think it has made an improvement on this. You cant use this on blemishes and broken skin but I have used it on scaring and I think it improves the look.

The only thing for me that I found was that it made my skin around the eye quite dry. While I didn’t of course put this close to my eye when I woke up the skin around the eyes felt slightly dry. This happened a few times when using it so I can only assume it is this product. I have since been really care to not get it anywhere near my eye and wash my hands really well after use.

Thanks for reading.