AKL Reviews – vegan and cruelty free beautiful Sanctuary spa goodies

Hi everyone

The aim of toiletries is to effectively wash the body and take care if it. So really who cares about the smell and the packaging as long as the products does what it should.


Well for me anyway, I describe myself as a marketers dream, half my purchases are based on smell and how it looks. That’s not to say I don’t want a good quality products when I use them, it just also means I am obsessed with amazing smelling and pretty packaging.

I got a gift of an amazing Sanctuary spa set and this falls exactly in to this category of quality, pretty and amazing smelling. It is actually the most unique smell and I think I would get 100% on a blind smell test on this one. Sanctuary products are cruelty free and the products I am going to talk about are vegan. However be really careful as not all Sanctuary products are vegan.

The set I was given has a body scrub, wet skin moisturise miracle, foaming bath soak and a body wash. If you haven’t ever tried a Sanctuary product I would 100% recommend you go into your local shop (if you are able to after lock down) and just pick up one of there products and smell it. I think you will find yourself throwing lots of products in your basket.

My favourite product in the set is the wet skin moisturise miracle, this is a sample size but I will be 100% repurchasing it in the normal size. It is an in shower moisturiser that you put on your skin after  cleansing. I have used many in shower moisturisers but this smells amazing and is one of my favorites.

So what is an in shower moisturiser? This is a moisturiser that instead of putting on dry skin your put on wet skin. The idea is that as your skin drys the moisturiser drys as well and locks in the hydration. It is also really convenient. You wash your body and rinse as normal then apply the moisturiser. Do not wash it off but do put it on wet skin. Then towel dry as normal. I tend to rub it in really well before drying as I love the smell and just want to absorb it all. This one is non greasy, soaks in well and makes my skin feel and smell amazing.

Next we have a foaming bath soak. I am really into baths at the moment and I normally go with bath bombs from Lush so I am not too concerned with a good bath cream. However this one is really lathery and makes my bath really silky. Again it smells amazing, slightly more subtle than the moisturiser but still amazing. I have been using this as it is without a bath bomb but it would make a great scent for a bath bomb. This is quite thick so be really careful as it comes out quickly.

Next is the body scrub. I tend to use gloves to exfoliate my skin all over as I think it leaves my skin really silky smooth but I love scrubs for a quick go over rougher patches when I am in a rush. I use this on my arms as they can get a little rough on the outside and also under my arms where I out on deodrent. I worry that deodrent gets built up under my arms so its nice to exfoliate and feel super fresh. This scrub is really effective but also soft and gentle on the skin and it really make your skin feel smooth and smell great.

Finally we have the body wash, this is the product I have used before and I love so its really nice to be reminded of how much I love it. It is really thick and moisturising and it lasts such a long time as you only need a little bit. Its an excellent staple.

My favourite product has to be the in shower moisturiser but I generally love the set from the colours, the smell and the packaging. I would 100% recommend Sanctuary products.

Let me know what is your favourite Sanctuary product.

Thanks for reading