AKL reviews vegan and cruelty free beauty – Beauty Kitchen super glow active mist

Hi everyone

Skincare is a massive concern for me as well as a massive hobby, I am constantly on the look out for new favourites and new magical problem solving products. Being vegan has just heightened this as I just love trying out new products and supporting vegan companies. For my birthday this year I was given the Beauty Kitchen Super glow active mist. I literally love it so much, it smells like a spa and is just full of good for you skin ingredients.

So lets start from the beginning – what is a facial mist?

A few years ago I would have assumed it was too cool me down or to set my make up. It is however skincare in the form of a liquid skincare product that comes in a spray bottle. It is designed to leave the skin hydrated and dewy. Like moisturisers and primers you can pick mists designed specifically for your skincare needs for example tighten pores, hydration or freshen and renew skin.

The Beauty Kitchen mist is made from the very exciting ingredient Seahorse plankton. As well as kombu, bergamot, cedar wood, frankincense, mandarin, grapefruit, lavender, magnolia, coconut oil and sugar cane.

I read an article with Jo-Anne Chidley the founder of Beauty Kitchen by femalefirst.co.uk and she described micro-algae as the lungs of the earth. Seahorse plankton is a micro algae. Micro-algae is responsible for producing 50% of the oxygen that we breathe and it can also protect itself from environmental stresses (nature is just amazing!). So you can kind of see what this would be amazing for your skin!

So what does this mist do?

The Beauty kitchen super glow active mist is designed for ‘moisture on the move’ to hydrate and protect your skin. You can use this at any time, under or over make up and the idea is that it delivers a direct mist of hydration. It is also designed to brighten up dull skin and make your skin glow.

The big question is of course – does it work?

Yes is the answer from me. It smells comes out like a mist of water so its really light weight and non sticky. For example I always get it in my hairline but there is no greasy residue left. Once on the skin to me it feels like a serum, you can tell you have products on the skin but it again not sticky, greasy or heavy. The bit I wasn’t expecting was the glow actually but it does really give you a fresh faced glow almost a bit like you have exfoliated your face and your skin is all fresh and plump.

This mist also smells amazing like walking into a spa, those amazing citrus and lavender scent. Its actually a little bit like Aveda if you have used that before. Its really refreshing and brightens you up if you need a little mood boost. The bottle I have is 100ml so its a really big bottle which is good because I keep sitting at my desk spraying randomly while at work.

Beauty kitchen itself feels like a great company to buy fro mas well. They are really innovative but also have the staples you would have brought before going vegan. All the packaging is recyclable and this particular products supports the Seahorse trust by giving 1% of the sales to them. They run a scheme where you can return the bottle and it gets washed and reused which is amazing.

All in all I would recommend this product and brand actually. It feels like they are trying to make a difference and your purchase supports that. The mist is really worth the money even though it is on the pricier side (100ml is around £15). Would I purchase this if it wasn’t a gift? Yes I would, I would replace one of my serums for this instead and use this as a before my moisturiser product.

So that is my Beauty kitchen super glow active mist review. I really hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.



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