AKL Reviews – Vegan and cruelty free hand masks

Hi everyone

I often feel that for one of the most use parts of my body, my hands are often the most neglected. I use hand cream a lot (or at least I buy lots of pretty hand creams to have on and around my desk) and I love painting my nails but they just always seem to be a little bit of an after thought and dry before I pay them attention. So these Champneys health spa hand softening mask gloves are right up my street.

As a general rule I love Champneys products. I have tried there face masks, eye masks and I have actually tried these hand masks before. They are amazing and feel super luxurious.

The masks come in material similar to a sheet face masks but in the shape of hands. They are really cute. Both hands are joined together so you have to cut these in half (they normally rip neatly as well), then this should create the opening for your hands. You literally put these on like gloves but inside you will find the good stuff or in other words the mask. It feels like a serum in texture so really light but slightly sticky. It also has always felt cold (in a pleasant way) but that may be my draws?!?!

Once you have these gloves on you should rub your hands together so that the serum in the gloves gets all over your hands and I try and particularly rub it on my nails (through the gloves) so that my cuticles get the a good part of the hydration.

I then leave this on for as long as I can really. The packaging says to leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes but for me I think the longer the better. When you take them off it leaves some of the serum on your hands so I just rub in the excess. For me the moisture boost last ages, it feels like the product coats your hands and protects them. I really notice the different on my knuckles and since working from home on my wrists as they are constantly running the edge of my desk.

My honest opinion is that we have to bare in mind that the price tag does reflect the brand. So for me these are a treat products as they smell amazing, really work and are really convenient to use. It says on the pack to do this twice per week and you get 3 masks in this pack. I use these about once a week at the moment to make them last. If you are willing to pay the price tag then these are so good but for me I think I will leave these for a treat. For the rest of the time I will get some material gloves and put on my normal hand cream. The effect is slightly messier but provides the hydration I need.

Thanks for reading.