AKL Reviews – Vegan and cruelty free summer nail varnishes

Hi everyone

Now that summer is here (well sort of if you like me live in England) its time for some amazing colored nails. I am partial to a bright nail all year around but when summer hits it feels like I want to step it up even further in the brightness scales. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite brands and favourite colours. I have done other reviews on vegan nails varnishes which you can find here.

By far my favourite brand is Barry M. It is an affordable, vegan and cruelty free brand that seems to be bringing out new ranges and colours daily. My favourite ranges that they do is the Gelly nail paint and the Hi Vis nail paint. They are the brights and summery ranges. I tend to stick to the pink and coral colours but this year I have started to branch out.

So here is my full range of Gelly nail paints. The colours I have from the top of the picture are:

  • Cotton (white)
  • Berry sorbet (the pale blue)
  • Candy Floss (pale pink)
  • Grape Soda (purple)
  • Banana split (the bright yellow)
  • Passion Fruit (the bright coral)
  • Lemon Sorbet (the pastel yellow)
  • Rasberry ripple (the pink)

The best thing for me about Barry M is that as well as the amazing colours they are really long lasting. They need a couple of coats, maybe even three to really build up to the intense colour but once you have they stay fresh for a couple of weeks. I like them to look like they are actually gel nails. The brighter colours of course show up more once you have chipped them. I also love the brushes on these nail varnishes. It was something I put too much thought into but actually a better brush make such a difference. These brushes are flatter and slightly wider than other brands which means you can sweep bottom to top without having to keep going back over the nail, it gives smoother finish.

One of my favourite tricks for keeping my nails as fresh and chip resistant as possible is to seal off the end of my nail. So normally you would paint your nails from the cuticle to the top of the nail in sweeping motions, you still do this but then once you have you then sweep from left to right over the edge of the nail to effectively seal it off. I tend to do this on the second or third coat and it keep the ends from wearing off for much longer.

In the Hi Vis nail paints I have the colours Coral blaze and Pink venom and I have done a review of them here.

So the next bottle caught my eye as soon as I saw it on the little nail varnish shelf. It is from a brand call My Mood and I found it in Boots the Chemist, it is a vegan and cruelty free brand and it is also a breathable formula. This is the colour Fire and I love it, I think it might be my favourite bright nail colour of all the bright nail colours I have. They all cost £5 and they do a range of colours from really brights ones like this to nudes and nail treatments.

The only slightly dampener on this amazing colour is the brush and as mentioned before I am becoming more partial to a good brush. This one is a little mall and stubby, it takes quite a few swipes across the nail to cover the whole nail and so the finish can be less neat if you are not careful.

The last brand that I love is the brand Polished and it is also a brand from Boots the Chemist that I haven’t tried before. I love glitter nails and I have not had a really good nail varnish for ages. This is a really affordable brand at £2.99, its such good value for money. This is a clear varnish with glitter bits in so can be put on the nail on its own and layered or you can out it over the top of a colored nail varnish to add some sparkle. The glitter is nice and thick and really stands out on the nail, it also last and doesn’t go dull or chip off. I will 100% be buying other colours from this range.

So that is my favourite vegan and cruelty free make up brands for bright and summery nails. I love trying new brands so I imagine I will be back with more posts like this and I would love to hear from your your favourite vegan and cruelty free nail brands.

Thanks for reading