AKL Reviews – Water proof mascaras

Hi everyone

If any of you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses the next topic I am going to talk about will be very familiar to you. I have the most sensitive eyes to the point where watching You tube and seeing someone line there water line can make my eyes water just at the very thought. In the sun my eyes water, in the rain my eyes water, in the cold my eyes water, when I am tired my eyes water and don’t get me started on hay fever or colds!

For a long while I thought this was my only eye issue but it turns out I have quite greasy eye lids as well so that’s fun!

The main point of both these little quirks in terms of mascaras is that even the tiniest bit ends up somewhere under my eyes and creating ‘make up eye bags’ (the unofficial AKL coined terms for dark circles from your make that make look like you haven’t slept for a week). I do have some hints and tips to help this and that’s great but when I am rushing to get ready I really just want to be able to out my mascara on and leave the house without needing 3 hacks and 4 life lessons.

So here I am again in the pursuit of a good vegan and cruelty free mascara that doesn’t cost the earth and does stay on my actual eyelashes. So for trial today we have 3 mascaras from some of my favourite brands. We have the MUA Lash define mascara in black, Revolution The Water proof mascara also in black and the Natural collection waterproof mascara in black / brown.

So that you understand the variables I will be wearing these all for a day in the house working from home and walking the dogs and a day doing something e.g lunch out. The weather is currently hot and I do have hay fever!

Firstly we have the Revolution The Waterproof mascara. I really like the packaging on this one, you cant tell from the picture but is has a textured raised spots on the lid so it looks like water drops. I am not 100% a fan of the brush though, its huge and sort of spidery. It is quite hard to apply and the mascara sort of clogs on the brush because it is so big.

The product itself I really like it, gives you a massive lift and really thick lashes, its quite a dramatic look and one I would use for going out more so than for work. It didn’t make my eyes feel sensitive (any more than they already are of course) and it did stay on my lashes all day. I would say 10 out of 10 for look.

It did however start to drift under my eyes not long after leaving the house, it went a little powdery. It didn’t run or smudge so I suppose it is technically waterproof but the tiny particles under my eyes that flaked off caused a black smudge. I would say a 7 out of 10 for stay out ability.

You would need a very good eye make up remover though so just a word of warning as it is very difficult to get off fully.

Next was the MUA eye define mascara, at first glance I didn’t rearlise this was waterproof as it only says waterproof in the print on the label and not in the name. I like the packaging on this one as well, its quite simple but I like it. The brush is entirely different on this one, it is much slimmer with smaller bristles and it is tapered so much better. It doesn’t clump or clog.

It is a good mascara in terms of look, it defines the lashes but it doesn’t thicken them so much as the revolution mascara. It would be good for work or a casual day. I would say 8 out of 10 for look.

Just like the Revolution mascara it did start to smudge under my eyes, it didn’t flake in the same powdery way but just started to migrate from the lashes to the under eye. So I would maybe go for a 7 our of 10 for stay ability again.

This one came off just with my face wash though so happy about that.

Next is the Natural collection water proof mascara in black/brown. I am not sure if it was just me but I couldn’t see a black so this was the darkest. It is in keeping with the brand really though for that natural look its less intense to have black brown. I wouldn’t say you actually notice either when you pull the wand out of the tube.

The packaging is the simplest out of the 3 and the wand I like, just a classic mascara wand and it takes little to no removing when you want to take it off.

The look unfortunately is my least favourite, it does enhance your natural lash but it is very much a no make up make up look. Natural yes but very natural. I say its my least favourite but actually that is more when it comes to mascara for going out, for work this would be ok. For look I would go 6 out of 10.

This was however the best mascara actually that I have ever tried for stay ability. I went the whole day with no eye primer and just with this mascara and it didn’t smudge at all! Nothing not even a hint. That is in the context of it being much lighter and more natural I suppose but I was really impressed. It certainly a 10 out of 10 for stay ability.

Price wise this was the cheapest also. The Revolution The waterproof was £8, the MUA eye definer was £3 and the Natural Collection Water proof mascara was £2.50. They are all amazing value for money and on that basis I would buy the Revolution water proof again for going ‘out out’ and the natural collection for work. However I do feel that there is a slight compromise here so I will certainly need to continue my search.

In the mean time in case you are also on the constant hunt for non slip, no smudge, affordable, vegan and cruelty free mascaras (not much to ask) I will share with you my top tips to help these mascaras along!

Firstly is a lash primer, I don’t personally think that they keep the mascara on for longer (or at least the ones I have tried) but they do help add volume and definition to you lashes. I have been using the Collection Lash primer which is around £3 and it particularly works well for under the Natural collection black /brown water proof mascara to add volume.

Secondly I use a clear mascara over the top. If you have really well define and long eye lashes already then you may be able to get away with just a clear mascara and not have to worry about smudge at all. I have very small eyes and very light and thin eyelashes so clear mascara on its own, well I might as well just not bother.

What I do is let my actually mascara dry for a few second and then apply one or 2 layers of the clear over the top. I wouldn’t say it completely solves the issues of smudging and slipping but I do feel that it lasts longer than with just the black mascara on its own.

Finally eye primer on the eye lids. For me I have tried a few eye primers and they are great at keeping my eye shadow on but some of them I have found teamed with face powder really help keep on my mascara as well. The main one I have found that does this is the ELF eye primer putty. I used this under the Revolution The Waterproof and it it made such a difference, it kept the mascara on all night.

However I do feel the need to use this sparingly as I think it works but drying out my eye lids and reducing excess sebum. This is fine in theory but would I want to dry out my eye lids everyday? Not really. The same with face powder, it does keep my mascara on for longer without any doubt but do I want powder dry eye lids and under eyes again no thank you. I spend the rest of my life adding moisturiser into the eye area!

So the verdict?

I am a little under whelmed. Do I need to spend a lot of money to get a decent mascara?

If you want a very natural waterproof mascara go for the Natural collection, if you want the full wow factor lashes go for Revolution The Waterproof or really any other mascara and go to town on the hack – lash primer, eye shadow primer, face powder and clear mascara to help you though the day.

Thank you very much for ready