My favourite Astonish vegan cleaning products

Hi everyone

I am no Mrs Hinch but I do love a clean house and having 2 dogs to be getting anywhere near having a clean house I need to be constantly cleaning. It is important to me that being vegan and cruelty free also extends to cleaning my house and for cleaning products. I do use Zoflora with is suitable for vegans and is also cruelty free so that’s amazing but my favourite brand for the full range is the Astonish range. They cover just about every room. My only criticism of Astonish is that I really struggle to find the full range anywhere. So I was really happy to randomly find a closing down shop with the most amazing range of Astonish. So I basically picked up one of each. I got the Bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner (lemon), multipurpose cleaner (with bleach) and antibacterial surface cleaner. I really like Astonish as it really cleans well but doesn’t smell overwhelming which is good for me as many cleaning products make me sneeze and it makes me feel like it is stuck in my nose.

Astonish Bathroom Cleaner Trigger Spray, 750ml
astonish Multi-Spray with Bleach Power
Astonish AS000178 Kitchen Cleaner
Astonish Antibacterial Surface Cleanser 750ml (1)

The kitchen and bathroom spray do exactly what they say on the tin they are all really good all around cleaner for the skink or surface in the respective rooms. I personally like a bit of beach on my toilet just to be sure all the germs are as dead as I can so I use the bleach spray in my bathroom. The multi purpose is a good all rounder but I found that I am just keeping as a back up so I probably wouldn’t buy this again. These sprays last me about 2 weeks each which I think is really good and they cost between £1 and £2. The bathroom spray is also in Poundland so that is great for a bargain if you want to try that one.

Next are these toilet bowl tabs and I’m really not sure I would repurchase these. I saw that Lyndsey Queen of Clean on Instagram uses denture tabs as a cleaner in her toilet to clean the bottom of the bowel and fizz away the dirt. So I thought this might be a good way of keeping my toilet extra fresh and clean but I’m not actually sure about these or the difference they made as I find that bleach cleans the bottom of the pan anyway. I think next time I might find some vegan denture tabs and use them!
Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner Removes Limescale Remover Limescale Cleaner 10 Tabs

Another product I brought from Astonish was the Citrus Cream Cleaner. Our sink has been fitted slightly wrong which means it keeps water under the drainer instead of draining off, we try and keep on top of it but it does mean that it makes patches of rust which can happen even if we leave pots on the drainer just while we are at work. So I thought this might be a good cream cleaner to get rid of those rust patches and shine up my sink. It takes a lot of cleaning off once you wipe it on if that makes sense but it is worth it as it really shines up my sink. It also smells really good but isn’t overpowering!
Astonish Cream Cleaner 550ml- Citrus. -New

Astonish Cream Cleaner With Bleach, 500ml

I also brought the Cream Cleaner with bleach for my bath so that I can use it after baths or in winter when we have to clean the dogs in the bath! I do like this and it is very thick so I feel like I am giving my bath a really good clean but actually I think I prefer the spray with bleach or the bathroom spray as this left a little residue even after really cleaning it and rising it off really well.

Finally I got this the Astonish Delicate Non Bio 2 in 1 liquid. I thought this would be amazing for handwashing clothes. It smells amazing, the fragrance is Peony and Magnolia but again not sneeze inducing. I have just been using this to hand wash not in the machine but I may try this on delicates that do go in the washing machine as well. I also think the bottle is really pretty.
Astonish Delicate Non Bio 2 in 1 Peony and Magnolia Laundry Liquid, Pack of 12

So all in all it is one of my favourite brands and I will be on the hunt for all the different types of Astonish. I am slightly reluctant to buy on line just because it is so heavy so if you have any recommendations where to buy this then please let me know.

Thanks for reading