Aveda botanical kinetics skincare review

Hi everyone

First things first don’t you love how serious these bottles look, there is something about green that makes me think nature, fresh, clean and the white writing makes me think ‘important’. Does that make me a marketers dream? Packaging is quite a big thing for me as I do like to treat myself to new products and for me that is everything it is the smell, the price, how well it works and how it looks in my draws. I think I look at skincare how other people look at handbags.

On a more serious note though I do love Aveda both for hair care and skincare. I used to go to an Aveda salon to have my hair done and I loved how amazing everything smelled. I have tried some of there conditioners and hair care products and treatments in the past. Unfortunately I have moved house as there isnt a convenient one near me now.

I got these skincare products for my birthday. This is the Botanical Kinetics Purifying gel cleanser and Botanical Kinetics skin firming / toning agent.

The Botanical Kinetics Purifying gel cleanser feels so lovely on my skin. The gel has vitamin E and 16 organic essential oils including geranium, mandarin and grapefruit. It smells so fresh and it is actually really relaxing to use so I like to use this at night before bed. I tend to remove my make up before using but I have used it to remove make up and it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. I would recommend this for all skin types actually which is unusual as normally even products that say for all skin types tend to be either dying or greasy! My skin is normally oily with blemishes but more recently I have had really dry skin and I would say this product worked for both. ]

Next is the toning agent and this too smells amazing, it is actually slightly stronger than the gel cleanser and makes me feel like I am in a spa. This product has essential oils in including witch hazel and peppermint as well as rose and citronella. I use this either by spraying on my face and letting it soak in or I spray it on a cotton pad and then wipe over my face (mainly depending on if I have done my hair). I sometimes spray this on top of my make up as well to really freshen my face.

These are quite expensive products compared to my normal skincare as they are about £15 – £18 each. I think that when it comes to expensive products you do get what you pay for but that could because they work well, it could be because they last longer or it could be things like the packaging and fragrance. but they actually last so much longer than my normal range. For this products it does have all of that but I would see this as a treat. If you can afford to buy Aveda then the products are amazing and I would certainly recommend.

Thanks for reading