Aveda stress fix – Cruelty free review

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Reducing stress is you life is such an important thing and when it comes to stress prevention is certainly better than a cure however that is sometime easier said than done. So when times of stress hit its important to know what to do about it to make it (slightly) better.

I have found a new way of dealing with this and that is the Aveda Stress fix. I was given this as a birthday gift as they know I am a big fan of the Lush sleepy body lotion which does a similar thing.

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I really like this, firstly it is a massive tub, personally I use this only on the top of my body so arms and chest so that it is close to my face to breath in the fragrance so it lasts me a long time. The texture of this cream is lovely, it is thick but rubs in well and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue. It also smells lovely as Aveda products do, they have almost a unique smell that is recognisable as Aveda even though they have different ingredient smells.

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On the first night I used this I has a really bad day for various reasons and I had a big day the next day also so it would have been one of those nights that I was up all night however I went straight off to sleep and woke up with my alarm. I don’t know if it is genuinely the cream and its magical powers or it could be a combination of actually outing on the cream or it could be all in my head allowing me to assume I would have a stress fix just by putting this on but what ever it was I had a great night sleep.

It is a very expensive product at £31 so maybe a splurge or birthday present but I would recommend. Also as much as I do love Lush and it is cheaper this is a bigger tub also and so does last such a long time.

I generally love all Aveda products, they are very natural and do not test on animals. The smell and texture really match this natural feel and I would really recommend this product.

Do you have any stress relief rituals or product recommendations? I would love to hear.

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