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Now I’ve talked about some of these product before as I do tend to dip in and out of B. both skincare and make up but there are some products that I am a regular to and that is the B. Refreshed Essence Lotion and the B. Sensitive Miceller wipes.

The lotion I have been using a little while now and first tried it because I was looking for a product with hydrochloric acid in which is a really good anti aging element. This essence is designed to sit under your moisturiser and soothe the skin after cleansing. It smells really refreshing, pats into the skin really nicely and is gentle enough to use on blemished skin without any oily residue or irritation. It is normally around £6 which is actually still a good price as it normally last around 2 months using twice a day but I got it half price so I would reccomend keeping an eye on it for offers.

The wipes I use sparingly, my skin doesn’t react very well to wipes and I tend to come out in blemishes. I’m not sure if I don’t clean as well or if it drags or what the cause is but I tend to avoid wipes if I can. Having said that wipes are better than keeping my make up on so if ever I’m in that situation then these are the best wipes (I find) out there. They are very moist, drag less than a lot of wipes I’ve tried  and leave my skin feeling refreshed. They don’t dry out and smell fresh, no harsh chemical smell. Ive picked these up for £1 before so a real bargain.

Next are newer products I’ve been trying and these are the B. Confident moisture gel and blemish serum. I was starting to get more blemishes so thought I would target my skin care more. At the start I really liked these products, the moisture gel is light weight and soaked very easily into the skin with no greasy residue. 

However I think for me there isn’t enough moisture so to use along with the serum was dying my skin out which is I surprise the idea to get rid of blemishes but I didn’t want the rest of my skin to dry out. It kind of left me with redder spots even though they did then clear up. Hope that make sense.

I would say the same about the serum as well, it did go on to my skin smoothly with little to no time to soak in. It lasted about 3 weeks with every day use even though the bottle appears quite small. 

I would maybe suggest using either the serum or the moisturiser even though they reccomend bot unless you have oily skin all over and not combination like mine. They were around £5 each and so still worth the money.

I am a big fan of B. Products and I will keep trying different ones out. Have you tried B, what are your favourite products from the range? 

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  1. Ooh I haven’t tried this! I usually go for simple products as they seem quite animal friendly but I will definitely be giving these a try 🙂 xxx

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