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Hi everyone

This might sound strange but I’ve always struggled with blush. There are so many different different colours to choose from how do you decide which one is right for you. After many a mistake (I’m sure I’ve got plenty more to make) I’ve decided the bright pinks are for me as I am naturally very pale and have freckles – I would refer to them as Barbie pinks that really bright colour but only with a tiny bit on. However this all changes if I have again in which case the bronze blushes suit me better.

So here are the ones I have been using recently. I have recently moved from buying individuals to buying palettes as seen as my skins tone changes they actually work out cheaper and I’m more likely to get a it right colour wise.

So let’s talk about the palette first, this is the Revoloution make up palette. It contains 8 different blushes and my favourite is the first row second from the right which I would class as the Barbie pink and then the first from the left on the top row for when I am tanned. They are very pigmented and go on very smoothly, they do not drag across the skin or look blotchy. They do go on quite lightly so it is good for if you want to start slow and build.

Another style of blush I have is this sort of pixelated one by Make Up Academy. It was just a bit of an experiment when I first brought it to see how this would come out as it is very different from others I have. It is kind of a highlighter mixed with blusher I would say and gives you a skin of glow with the purple pixel elements. I like this and it does go on well but I would proberley use as a highlighter and add blush additionally as it glows but maybe doesnt add the right sought of the blush element for me.

Finally there is my single blushes and as I said in the beginning we have the Barbie pink and then the tan blush versions. These are also Revolution single blushes. These are really good for topping up throughout the day or for travelling with.

So that is my collection, it’s not huge but it is enough for the moment. 

Next steps for me is to look at other textures of blusher as you may have noticed that mine are all powder varieties.

Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading

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  1. The palette looks really lovely! x

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