Body moisturisers – brand vs own brand

Hi everyone

One of my new years resolutions was to moisturise more rather than panic moisturise a week before I go on holiday and have to put a bikini on. As it turns out I shouldn’t have worried about putting a bikini on as there is no holiday on the cards for me in 2020. However I am pleased to say that I have stuck to my resolution and I have been moisturising everyday after my showers. My skins is looking much better and more importantly feels much better.

It does raise the question though as how much do you need to spend on a body moisturiser, can you have moisturise just as well with an own brand or does a more expensive brand make that difference. I have been using a bit of both so partly the Morrison’s (supermarket) own brand body moisturiser and partly more expensive brands that I have been treating my self with.

One of the brands I have been using is The Nourish bar Protein Plus body butter and I have the fragrances Mango, orange, carrot and ginger and Cacao, banana, coconut and vanilla. These cost anywhere between £8 and £20 each depending on where you buy them from. The Morrison’s own brand moisturiser cost me less than £2.

It probably goes without saying given the ingredients but the Nourish bar moisturisers smell amazing, its like rubbing a fruit smoothie all over your body but maybe less sticky. They go on really smooth, they do feel like they firm up my skin and they soak in really well which I really like as I cant always be bothered if I am in a rush but this makes it so easy. They feel a little luxurious and its a pleasure to use them. They are vegan and cruelty free which is amazing and they are free of all the nasties that you can find in products.

The Morrisons own brand has little to no smell and does feel a little practical next to the Nourish bars luxury.  The bottle is quite big and lasts a long while, I use it twice a day and it lasts me about a month. It does rub in really well and doesn’t leave any greasy residue on my skin which again is good for speed. I feel again that this makes my skin smoother and feel tighter which is good.

I actually have a little technique for applying all moisturiser to my legs, I read a lot about how to improve skin texture. The best way I have found is to smooth your moisturiser on to your legs, then using you thumb press down and the skin and rub in circular motions going up the leg. I love it as it feels like a mini massage to the skin and its really relaxing.

So which is the best? For me other than the fragrance there is no difference in how my skin feels after using. That is my honest opinion, if I want a little luxury then the expensive brand do offer the fragrance and packaging that add that luxury but just for caring for my skin then the own brand product is the one for me. This is only one brand of course but i think its really important to spend you hard earned cash in the right way .

Hope you enjoyed reading.