Celebrity vegans and what they tell us about going vegan

Hi everyone

When I decided to go vegan I wasn’t influenced by any celebrities or actually by any one person. I didn’t know any vegans and I mainly just googled the situation with animals and made a decision based on that. I did watch a number of YouTube videos and that I suppose triggered it but no one person.

Since then though I have noticed a number of very influential celebrities who have publicly stated and talked about being vegan and I really am pleased that they have as it really gives it the platform it needs. I’ve said in other posts that Veganuary 2019 (when people go vegan for January) was the biggest yet and while I don’t celebrities influenced anyone I know they do give it a voice!

So I thought I would talk about a few celebrities that are particular interesting to me as vegans mainly because of what they do to break down the vegan myths (e.g. lack of protein).

Jessica Chastain

She has basically said that she doesn’t want to torture or add cruelty to the world, this resonates with me so much. The reason I like her as a vegan is that she is so polite about the way she talks about being a vegan and actually doesn’t talk about it much. She has the most amazing figure and is clearly health and happy.

James Cromwell

For those of you who don’t know he played the farmer on Babe. I believe he went vegan after making this film and spending time with those wonderful animals. This to me says it all, if we spent more time with animals and see the wonder that they are I think there would be considerably more vegans.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia talks a lot about being vegan and I think she went vegan at 21 which is quite young. She has written books and again talks about not wanting to add cruelty to the world. She likes to follow a heathy lifestyle and feels that this is such a good way to do that.

Lewis Hamilton

I am always very interested in athletes who go vegan as they really do dispel the myths of these pale, weak vegans nibbling on celery and lacking in protein. He has talked about the ethical aspects and also the health benefits.

David Haye

Just to add to the point I made about Lewis Hamilton this is another great example that being vegan is not about depriving yourself, it is about choosing to live a certain way and living well. There aren’t many sports that are considered as manly and testosterone driven as his (I mention this as I get the comment about men needing meat a lot – wrong on a lot of levels!) and yet here he is ‘nibbling on celery’ (or more likely eating healthy, nutritious. vitamin and protein vegan meals)!

So while I do believe you should go vegan if you want to and not because of anything to do with celebrities it is also good to see people performing at the top of there game and living a ethical vegan life! This is a just a handful of the more vocal people all you have to do is google vegan and so many come up. Happy veganing everyone!

Thanks for reading.