Cruelty free – body care 

Hi everyone

Its really important to look after your body from the outside as well as in and I do pay quite a lot of attention to my face and I thought I had better up my effort with the rest of my skin. Summer is also a time when more of your body and I am hoping this sun keeps going for a bit longer.

For my body I am a bit believe in exfoliation and it is the first thing I do in my routine. While I am really carful with my face with the products and the amount I exfoliate the rest of my skin is at its best when I really keep up with exfoliating. I have a couple of method to do that, firstly my gloves. These are a really intensive exfoliator as you can apply pressure to the skin while doing it and it’s quite precise. They are such a cheap and easy way to do this as well, these cost me about £1 from Primark but you can get them for similar prices from Boots, Superdrug or most supermarkets.


The other method is a body scrub and for this I currently have two that I use. The first is slightly more pricy and it is the Body Shop Shea Butter scrub. It is a softer scrub than my gloves so I tend to use this on my chest and any areas of softer skin. It is really good at keeping my skin soft and smells amazing.


The second is the Superdrug Body scrub and I currently have it is the flavour Cherry and Macadamia, and it smells so good. This is a rougher scrub that the Body shop and really good for dry patches like feet and elbows. It cost around £1/2 so is really good value for money and I am yet to go into Superdrug when it is not on offer.


Once I’ve fully exfoliated I need to add back all that moisture. For that I use Morrison’s own brand moisturiser. I use a lot of moisturiser so I need one that is cheap, smells good and really moisturises my skin. The one I use currently is the Cocoa Butter Moisture lotion and the Dry skin Moisture lotion. They are very rich and creamy and really they soothe my skin. The Coco Butter one is my favourite it also smells amazing and I can still smell it on my skin hours after using. It smells similar to the Shea butter moisturiser from The Body shop which I love.


If I am looking for something a bit more fragranced for going out or just to treat my self I go for the  Superdrug Lotus Flower and Cherry Blossom. This really compliments the Superdrug scrub and is so thick and creamy it really frees like I have added all that moisturiser back in. It was on 2 for £3 when I went in along with the scrubs so excellent value for money and allows you to have something pretty in the morning to cheer you up when you are tired and getting ready for work.


Last but not least I use the Superdrug Vitamin E  skin care. It is a massive tub and costs around £2/3 which is such value for money and amazing quality. It is thick and creamy and rea;;y make my skin feel soft and smooth and moisturised. Normally it comes in just a natural fragrance but this time when I went in they had a charity tub with a dragon fruit fragrance added and it is even better and its great that it is going to a good cause.


So that is my non face skin care routine, let me know what your routine is. Do you pay as much attention as you do to your face?

Thanks for reading