Cruelty free cleaning washing up liquids

Hi everyone

I have been vegan a little while now and one of the last things that I thought about was household cleaning products. That might sound strange but there is less talk about things like house holds good and being vegan mainly focusses on food and toiletries. Household products are actually used more than some of my toiletries’ and so I really needed to find some good alternatives.

One of the easiest vegan household products to find is washing up liquid so I thought I would share the two I use for those of you who might be looking for a brand to use.

The first one is by the brand Method and it is the clementine fragrance that I have been using. I found this at my local super market Morrisons and it cost £2 so it is slight more expensive than for example Fairy as they are a slightly bigger bottle for the same price but still really good value for money.
Method Clementine Washing Up Liquid 


I think this is a really good brand, it is thick enough and soapy enough to easily replace the usual brands and smells really nice. I’ve used this on glasses and plates and also on pans, it cleans well and does get rid of the dirt and grease. Sometimes with more natural products you have to use more product but not with this one. It has a really good pump top which I haven’t seen on washing up liquid before and I really like as it makes it a little more economical when using it.


The other brand I use is E Cover and I have the Lemon and Aloe Vera fragrance. This is a smaller bottle but also cost slightly less at £1.75, again at my local supermarket Morrisons. This one doesn’t have such a fruity smell but kind of smells like washing up liquid if you know what fragrance that is. It cleans really well again and I again used it on relatively clean glasses and plates and also greasy pots. It says it is safe for hands and I found it didn’t dry my hands out but it didn’t stop the prune effect.
Ecover Washing-Up Liquid, Lemon/Aloe Vera


Both of these bottles are 100% able to be recycled which is great, I really would recommend using these products. They provide the same clean at a similar price point but are not harmful to the environment or animals.

I will be doing some reviews for other products in this range so let me know if you found this review helpful and would like to see more.

Thanks for reading