Cruelty free face masks for oily blemish prone skin

Hi everyone

I love a good face mask but it’s only the last few years I’ve bothered to invest in good ones. I am very guilty of getting drawn in by the fruity brightly coloured ones but I’m not sure that they do anything positive for my skin. So I thought I would share my favourite masks that I feel are worth paying that little bit extra for.

Just to give you an idea of my skins type so you can see if they might work for you, my skins is oily around my T Zone, normal on my cheeks, neck and back. I get the occasionally spot on my nose or forehead but often they go quickly with no scaring. My biggest problem area is my jaw just either side of my chin and running under my jaw line. I get really painful blemishes that are really red and take a long time to heal and then they also tend to scar. This is the area that the mask needs to earn it’s money.

My first recommendation is the Lush Oatifix, I think this is one of there most purchased masks and I really like it. I use this after the blemish has died down and needs to heal so once the pain has gone. This mask is more moisturising than the other two I am going to mention and I found very soothing on my skins so good for red blotches. It makes my skin feel smooth, soft and cleansed throughly. My only critism is it’s a bit messy and tricky to use as it is oats as the names suggests. The price point is £7.25 in the U.K so well worth the price.

Next is the Lush cupcake fresh face mask. I’ve never been tempted to lick a face mask but I could be tempted with this one, it smells amazing. It also really does what it says on the pot, when I use this it feels like I put really digs deep to draw out all the dirt and bacteria. I use it after a long week or a day when I have worn a lot of make up. The good thing about this one is that it draws out the dirt but is very gentle and calming on the skin. Other masks that are for oily, blemish skin can leave my skin red and a bit stripped but this one doesn’t. This is also £7.25, I actually got this free by collecting my 5 tubs and taking them back to Lush for recycling.

The last of my 3 masks I would recommend is the Body shop Himalayan Charcoal mask, this is the most expensive at £16.  It is slightly more heavy duty than the Lush ones as it contains exfoliating bits as well. It is excellent for when I have a particularly bad few days with blemishes. It contains tea tree oil and is designed to reduce the appearance of pores. I only need a tiny bit each time so this mask is lasting me a long time. It’s a little messey and take a bit longer than the cupcake mask to wash off but still a great mask and worth the price tag.

So that is my reccomendation for face masks, in both a Lush and in the Body shop Himalayan range. If your are not oily or prone to blemishes then there are many different masks in the same range so check them out. Let me know if you find any good ones.
Thanks for reading