Cruelty free foot care

Hi everyone

Its that time of year again when our feet start to see the light of day again and we want to put on pretty sandals. It doesn’t always guarantee sun in England but it is certainly worth thinking positive.

I like to look after my feet anyway throughout the year as I used to work in retail and for those you have that have or still do (or any other job meaning you are on hard floors on your feet all day) then you will know your feet need some TLC.

I picked these items up from Superdrug for my feet to help them get sandal ready.


I have the Superdrug Exfoliating Foot Scrub, the Soothing Foot Lotion and finally the Foot Nourishing pack. I made a bit of a mistake and brought the Honey and Almond sock pack rather than the tea tree oil one so annoyed with myself on that front! I am still going to use it as the alternative is the bin.

So I used the scrub in the shower like you would a body scrub. Its quite a gentle scrub but I do like it. It has a tea tree, minty smell to it but very pleasant as it make your feet feel fresh and clean. I do like a firmer or rougher scrub for my feet particularly the heel as they get the driest from walking the dogs so much but this is nice for regular use.

IMG_1499 - Copy

Once out of the shower I used the foot lotion, again this has a minty fresh smell which I liked. It is quite a light moisturiser but it does leave my feet moisturised, I’m not sure if it was as good as my body moisturiser so although this was cheap and on offer I don’t know if it is worth the extra pay out.


The final product I used was the foot sock, I used these while I had a face mask on as you cant really walk around so needs to be used when you have 10 minutes to sit down.

I actually love this product just because of the way you use it. It is like a sock that you cut the top off and then kind of wrap around your feet like bandages over your feet to moisturise. These are so soothing and moisturising. I will be repurchasing these, even in the honey they are soothing and freshening but I really want to try the tea tree oil as that I imagine will be so tingly fresh on your feet.


I probably wouldn’t purchase the scrub or lotion again if I am honest, they were really low process point at about £2 each and I got these on 3 for 2. The only time that would tempt me would be if I was doing a long walk or it was particularly hot and I was on my feet as the fresh feeling from these is great however the actual exfoliating and moisturiser but are no better than my normal products.

The sock pack though I will be purchasing again the next time I go to Superdrug in the tea tree oil fragrance. I love it and well worth the money at again about £2. It is one use but as they have a 3 for 2 offer on I think I will purchase 3.

Have you tried using these or any foot products, what do you think do you buy specialise products or just use your normal body products?

Thanks for reading