Cruelty free hair care treatment products

Hi everyone

I love all sort of conditioning and hair treatment products and I spend a lot of time looking for new products that promise to give me long, glossy locks. Personally like with skin care I believe its about consistency and testing products rather than always opting for the most expensive. I think we all know our hair and can tell when it is loving a product or not. So here are a few of my favourites currently.


Firstly I have got to mention the Superdrug Argon intensive hot oil treatment. This has to go first as I think hot oil treatments were the first type of beauty treatment I ever tried when I was about 11 years old. My mum used to use the V05 hot oil treatments and so I used them on my hair as well. It has been years since I have used one so I just had to buy this one when I saw it. They are so easy to use and it barely takes any planning or extra time to use. You simply leave them in hot water for about a minute (I put them in while I am getting undressed and getting my towel) and then massage it into your hair for about another minutes or two. Rinse this off and then shampoo and condition as normal. Love it!


Next is the pre shampoo elasticity hair treatment, this treatment you put on for 20 minutes per shampooing and it is designed to increase the flexibility of the hair and reduce breakages. I sometimes put it on for just 20 minutes while I do a face mask or something or I will put it on all afternoon while I am relaxing on a Sunday. I always think the longer the better but I’m not a hairdresser. I’m not sure about elasticising but it is certainly a good conditioning treatment. It costs around £5 but it often is on offer with the other Argon oil products in Superdrug.


Next I have the Argon oil therapy replenishing treatment masque, this is a sachet masque and does about one treatment on my just past shoulder length hair. I cant tell too much of a difference in all honesty between this and the elasticity mask they both provide really good conditioning. The only benefit of this over the tub is the size,  I took this on a overnight stay with me and it was perfect for travel, it cost around £1 so really good value.


Another sachet I have used is the Palmers Coconut oil deep conditioning protein pack. This is a slightly bigger pack and is around £1.50 a pack so still really good value for money. I really love this as it is so thick and creamy and does what it say on the pack, provides a really deep condition treatment, my hair felt so soft and smooth after. I would be careful of this if your hair is prone to getting greasy as it is really thick but for me it was perfect.


The next item will come as no surprise it is coconut oil from Superdrug. I always have this in as a staple, it is in solid form and so I just scoop some out and rub it between my hands to make it liquid. This is the small bottle and cost £2/3 but there is a larger bottle as well. I use this in conjunction with other things such as the Argon oil so I don’t use it too fast. It is good for my scalp as well as hair, coconut oil is also really good for stimulating hair growth and so I often massage this into my scalp about 10 minutes before my shower.


Last but not least I use the Superdrug Argon oil, I also use this as a heat protecting serum before I blow dry my hair but it is really good as a conditioning treatment. I put this through my hair from about half way down to my roots, it is amazing in terms of how shiny and soft it makes my hair. It doesn’t actually take much to do my hair even though it is quite thick and just past shoulder length. I do this about once a week and leave it on for as long as I get the chance.


So that is my hair care treatments, do you have any recommendations? I would love to hear how you use them and if you have any special routines.

Thanks for reading