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I talk a lot about skincare and toiletries but less so about my hair. I do have a lot of products for my hair but I tend to use them less often and I change them up less frequently but I have had a few additions recently and I have built up quite a collection so I thought it was time to share.

These are all my current hair styling products and as you can see I am showing a lot of love to Superdrug here.  I do admit to being a little boring with my hair when it comes to styling, I tend to focus most of my hair attention on conditioning and adding in as much moisturiser as possible.


For every day hair styling I use hair protector, straightening gel, root boost and anti frizz gel. For these I use Superdrug own brand for all.

I have been using the hair heat protector spray for years it was one of the first products I brought where deciding to use only cruelty free products. It is really light weight and I use it all over before blow drying on wet hair and also on dry hair before straightening and curling. The reason I like this one so much is because it is very light weight. I have fine air but quite a bit of it but I find that products really sit on my hair and heavy products can make my hair look and feel greasy.

Next I have the straightening styling spray this is designed to keep your hair straighter when blow drying and straightening and I put this on wet hair all over. I am actually not sure about this product, I don’t dislike it but I am unsure if it makes any difference to the ‘straightness’ of my hair so while I do use this now I don’t think I will repurchase. Although it does serve as a heat protector so you could use it as that instead.



Next is the root boost and I do like this product and I do think this makes a difference.  I don’t use this every day as I am worried about build up at my roots although this has never happened yet. You spray this products on wet hair right at the root and then blow dry and it is designed to add volume. I do feel that my hair is bouncer at the root with this product. I particularly like this if I curl my hair as this tend to pull my hair flatter than when my hair is straight.

The last product from the Superdrug own brand range is the anti frizz serum, I like this product and have used it again since the very first cruelty free shop. It is very thick and really does coat my hair but again without leaving any residue or greasy texture.

However I have been using the Argon oil hair therapy which I discuss in my hair care blog and so I do think I will replace the anti frizz serum with this.


Another styling product I use a lot is Batiste dry shampoo, I do use this mainly as a dry shampoo but I do find that it also works as a really good pick me up for clean hair that is a bit flat. The 2 that I have are the Rose Gold Batiste dry shampoo and then the mini blush dry shampoo. The Rose Gold is massive and has lasted me so long, when I use as dry shampoo I spray really liberally but when I use to style I use sparingly as I don’t want my hair to be too stiff. I use the blush after work in the absence of making it home for a shower to freshen up my hair before after work drinks.


I also use the Batiste hair spray when curling my hair, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this. It doesn’t make my hair brittle or dry and it brushes out really well, it doesn’t have that really strong hair spray smell that some sprays have which is good and it has lasted me ages. I don’t feel people talk about the hair spray as much as the dry shampoo but I would recommend it.


The other hair say I use is the travel size Superdrug firm hold spray. This is a good travel size but makes my hair more brittle than the Baptiste one. It is really affordable at aprox £1.


My final styling spray is the Lee Stafford anti humidity spray. I love this product, it is light weight, non greasy and smells amazing. It smells so nice and I especially like using this on holiday but I do find it lasts a long time even if I spray everyday.

What do you use to style your hair? I would love to hear about your routine and what your favourite products are.

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  1. I loooooove Batisse! It smells soooo good and works ace 👌🏻

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