ELF all the way from America

Hi everyone

My sister took a trip to America recently and of course stopped to get me some ELF products which I am thrilled with a very grateful for. ELF is Eyes Lips Face for those of you who are new to the brand and it is sold in the UK online and in Superdrug but it doesn’t have such a good range (and also a little bit more expensive even for an affordable brand). So here is what she got me:

First my favourite is the Detoxifying Bubble mask, it claims to reset your skin – no juice cleanse necessary.  I am a big fan of sheets masks and a new found fan of bubble masks. I didn’t really understand at first how they works and kind of thought they were a gimmick after seeing a load of Youtubers with massive bubbles all over there faces. However having tried a couple recently I am a convert.

I am going to do a review of this separately as I love reading reviews of masks so hopefully you will as well.

Next she got me two eye shadow sets and they are the Best Friend eye shadow duo in Tea for Two and the Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted. I love the names on these and I am a big fan of nude / brown shades. I have used the ELF baked eye shadows before but I haven’t used the shimmer ones. These colours are perfect for me and I actually used them all together recently , I applied the light brown / nude first all over my eye right up to the brow then the darker shimmer in the corners of my eye and then the baked eyeshadow in my crease for a day drinking session recently. I find ELF shadows are really pigmented and really last on my eyes, I have spoken recently about having really sensitive and oily eyes so I often find eye shadows don’t last.
e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Trio – Brown Bonanza

Last but not least I have the Shimmer Eye shadow pencil in black. I love glittering eye products especially when I am going out so to have shimmer eye liner as well is lovely. I find the ELF eye shadows very soft and don’t drag my eye which is really important to me, they last well and I cant ‘cry’ them off when my eye get a little sensitive.
e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Liner – Black

I am very pleased with my gifts, who wouldn’t be and hopefully you enjoyed reading about them.