ELF haul – cruelty free

Hi everyone

I recently had a weak moment and decided to visit the ELF website and purchased a number of items so thought I would do a haul. So here is what I got…

Firstly let’s start with the Studio HD mattifying balm, I had seen a few reviews on this on YouTube and really liked the look of it. It says that it can sit on top of your make up or underneath it, most of the reviews I watched by beauty bloggers said on top of the make up was a no go and that the best way was under make up.

The balm is a clear balm with the texture a bit like a lip balm but not greasy, the pot shows it as white but it is clear when it is on your skin. I put this on underneath my foundation over the top of my primer. I have oily skin particularly around my T Zone so anything that is going to mattify is a bonus.

I do think that I noticed a difference on the days that I used this balm, normally when I’m at work I would be needing to add some more powder by about 11 o clock, with this balm I feel like it was early afternoon before I needed to reapply. I did try and add it on top of my make up one when I got home purely as a test but this was awful it was like adding lip balm on top of lip gloss, a no go.

Next I got the hydrating undereye primer, I’ve had eye primers before but not under eye ones. I liked the idea of adding extra hydration to my undereye on top of my moisturiser. I love this, it sinks in well, feels really creamy and my make up sits so well on top.

To go with this I got an eyelid primer, this is much thicker than the under eye primer and had a slight nude colouring. I do like this product and it does the job, the only negative is that I’ve used it a couple of times and it is already starting to run out and get dryer.

Keeping with my eyes I’ve got the clear brow and mascara stick. I haven’t used the brow stick yet but I have had this product before and used the brow stick to death. I always like to keep a clear mascara to use on its own or on top of a black mascara to stop it smudging.

Next I got a make up lock and seal, this is a little pot with the seal in and you add this to eyeshadow, eye liner, brows and the idea is that it will lock in the make up so it doesn’t smudge or move. I’ve used this with my brows and I liked it although it gave them Avery fixed look which is slightly fake so I could only get away with this if I had a full face of make up not for everyday. I’m going to try it on my eyeliner next as my eyes water a lot. The only negative is it smells very chemically and a bit like nail varnish but this does go away quickly.

Finally I have the wrinkle filler, I brought this on a bit of a whim. The idea is that sits on to of the wrinkle and fills the gap then your foundation sits on top to form a smooth base. Now I am lucky enough to say that I don’t have many wrinkles but I thought it’s never too early to be prepared. It’s a gel texture and feels like a primer going on but then it drys and forms like a barrier. It’s a very nice texture but I’m not sure it made my wrinkles looks any smoother unfortunately.

So that’s my ELF haul, I love ELF generally so I’m sure there will be many more hauls to follow.
Thanks for reading