Time to relax – my 4 favourite products

Hi everyone

It is very important to find the time for yourself to wind down and to relax. This is something I am really terrible at, I go through the motions of relaxing like putting a new series on the TV, reading a good book, walking the dogs and so on but it does take some effort for me to feel relaxed particularly if there is something I am worrying about. Take my current circumstances for example I am currently taking driving lessons and I am literally so nervous about getting in the car everytime so try as I might relaxing is a struggle.

I don’t know if other people felt like this and so I thought I would share some of the things that work for me, for me it often revolves around beauty products and toiletries in some format.

The items I use are Epsom salt, essential oils, rescue remedy sweets and tonic and an Aveda mist.

Starting with Epsom salts, you use these in your bath to support the removal of toxins from your body. They have a really high magnesium content and so are perfect to relax both your body and mind and also really good for leaving your skin silky and soft. They are apparently really good for a foot scrub or a face exfoliant as well but I am a little nervous of that as I have very sensitive skin.

Westlab’s Sleep Epsom & Dead Sea Salts with Lavender & Jasmine, 1kg

They literally are salts but they soak into your bath and are not gritty if you allow them to run under warm water. I actually sometimes sit with them on my desk in my room as I can smell them through the packaging. If I use these right before bed and put some really nice pajamas then I find these help me have a relaxed night sleep. I also find if I get a little stressed that I get restless legs (if you dont know what it is then google ‘restless leg syndrome’) and these really help stop that.

Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Mist 100ml – CHAKRA 4

Next I have my Aveda balancing body mist. This is the Charka 4 bottle and they have one for each Chakra. This is quite old now but they still do them and they are £30 each. I have used mine so much that I have broken the spray top but the idea is that you mist yourself with this. I find the best time is before bed after my bath and the best place is on my arms and chest area so that I can smell this when I am in bed. It is lavender fragrance and so nice I could wear it as a perfume. It has a carrier oil in it but it isn’t greasy and take literally seconds to dry on your skin.

I also use essential oils, these are more for in the day or directly before the event or thing that will create stress. I use the Tisserand De-stress roller ball. It contains jojoba oil as the carrier oil and then has the essential oils Geranium, Orange, Nutmeg, Sage, Patchouli, Rose and Jasmine. This smells so good and really fresh as I am quite sensitive to heavy smells.

I use rescue remedy in a similer way just before the event to hopefully de-stress and calm me down. These are amazing and you can get them in sweets and a water dropper bottle. I have had both and probably prefer the sweets. They contain the following ingredients taken from there website.

• Rock Rose –  courage and presence of mind.
• Impatiens – less hastiness in thought and action.
• Clematis – lively interest in the world around you.
• Star of Bethlehem – being strong.
• Cherry Plum – serenity and the ability to think and act rationally.

This has got me through difficult times anything from funerals, job interviews or public speaking.

Finally I have the Botanic Aromatic roller ball with Ylang Ylang and mandarin to relax and unwind. This is use after a stressful event or if I am thinking too much about something. It contains Rosemary and lemon. They dont actually sell the packaging version that I have anymore but they still a version and it contains Rosemary, Lemon and Peppermint.

So those are my products to help me relax, I think it is really important to say that relaxing if more about mindset that products so these products alone I find do not do the job but they for more help along the way.

Thanks for reading