Free from at sainsburys

Hi everyone
I have been cutting out dairy from my diet for a while now and I’ve got to admit that there are times when cheese and chocolate call out to me. It’s not very often but when they do it’s really important that I am stocked up on vegan alternatives. Here are my most recent finds from Sainsbury’s.
We have the Freefrom soft cheese, this is an amazing alternative for meals that need that creamy, runny cheesy source. My favourite is melted on mushrooms but that is just the tip of the ice berg. It tastes just like Philadelphia, the texture is slightly less solid if that makes sense but it melts like a dream. It feel indulgent and creamy and so good I actually had to check the label a few time to make sure there was dairy.
Then I have the 2 cheese alternatives in the style of Feta and Wensleydale. I am very impressed, the feta style is salty and rich and the Wensleydale is creamy and goes perfectly with the sour cranberries. I’ve had them both on dishes such as roasted butternut squash and aubergine, salads and vegan burgers. They are really crumbly, the only thing I would say is that they are slightly more oily when they are melted as they are coconut oil based. My reccomendation is to cut down the time in the oven or if the food you are putting them on is already hot then don’t bother actually melting them just place on top and they will melt slight but not too much to loose there texture.
Last but not least is the chocolate iced desert, this really hits the spot. I had this with strawberrys to add to the flavour and there is no clue that this doesn’t contain any cream. I am not a massive fan of cold deserts strange but true but if you are looking for a ice cream alternative then this is it.
Have you tried any vegan cheeses. Do you have any recommendations?
Thanks for reading