Fry’s Vegan nuggets – Review

Hi everyone

Sometimes I feel a little bit odd talking about vegan junk food. When I tell people I am vegan they automatically expect to see me nibbling on lettuce leaves and broccoli while a lot of the food I eat is vegetables or made from vegetable I still have the same junk food craving as before, its just an animal friendly craving these days.

One way that I satisfy this craving is chicken style nuggets. One of my favourites is the Fry’s chicken style nuggets, they are about £2.50 from Morrisons and I get about 2 or 3 portions depending on what I am having them with.


They are crispy, actually taste good by themselves and are so quick and easy to cook with about 10 – 15 minutes in the oven. I cook them just in a baking tray on 220 degrees in a fan assisted oven until they are just turning brown and you can see the coating start to crisp.

Once cooked I have them 2 ways, firstly just plain with egg free mayonnaise for dipping. I think I have talked about is brand of mayonnaise before, for me it tastes the most similar to the real thing and also has the best texture. It is thick, creamy and the jar last a long time. They do it in plain mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise and lemongrass mayonnaise. I haven’t yet tried the lemon grass one so that’s next on my list.

Another way I have this if I want it to be more of a meal and not just a snack is with salad and guacamole, its a good way to add in some good nutrition as well as satisfying your craving.  I had lettuce and celery  in for this salad but normally I have tomatoes and cucumber as well and maybe sweetcorn to pad it out and add another colour to the mix.


To make my guacamole I have avocado (of course), limes and personally I add a little paprika to the top for a bit of a kick. I cut around the middle and squeeze out the avocado (if you are not sure the best way to test if an avocado is ready is to squeeze it and it should feel soft but not mushy) squeeze the lime, I do the whole limed as I like the tang but whatever suits your taste sand give it a good mix. Personally I like my guacamole a bit chunky so I don’t mix too much. Then I just sprinkle my paprika over the top and it is perfect to dip my nuggets in.

So that is my junk food snack or meal. Have you tried these nuggets or any other vegan nuggets? Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading