Haircare (again)

Hi everyone

As I mentioned this is my ‘out if shower haircare’.
It’s not a complete list and I do tend to change it up a bit but for basic haircare that is cruelty free here is my starting point. So here goes:
Heat protector spray
Like a few other products I’ve talked about this was a replacement of a none cruelty free product which I brought from Superdrug. I do like this product it soaks ( not sure if that’s the right word) into the hair and doesn’t leave any build up or brittle texture, my only critics really is that it smells quite chemically. 
Extra firm hold mouse
Again a Superdrug product and very much a basic. I don’t use moose very often but I’ve started to add it into my hair routine again to give my hair a bit more volume when blow drying. Similar to the heat protector it does have that chemical smell again. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the other cruelty free products I’ve found recently.
Root boost
This was a bit of a random purchase for me, not something I’ve used before. Along with the moose I’m endless trying for more volume. I’m not sure about this product currently, I think it’s boosts my hair straight after blow drying but a couple of hours later I can’t really see any difference ( it could just be my hair) so the request continues for the volume.
Dry shampoo
Very impressed with this product, it’s does what it says on the tin but this product has a very subtle smell. It also seems to leave less white dry residue than other dry shampoos that I have used. I really like the packaging on this product also, one I would recommend.
Hair therapy oil with Argon oil
So this is most certainly the best till last. I love this product, I use it as a serum after washing my hair and as a conditioning treatment as often as I can. It makes my hair easier to brush, less tangly, softer and I think with a nice shine ( not to blow my own trumpet). I would 100% reccomend this product and currently it is 2 for £6. Go get it!
Happy haircare everyone

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