Hi everyone

I split my hair care into 2 categories 1 ‘ in the shower haircare’and 2 ‘out the shower haircare’. This blog is going to be about catagory 1 and below is what I use:

I use the Revitalising Rasberry and Macadamia Nut shampoo from Superdrug. I’ve used this since my decision to go cruelty free and I was one of the first purchase I made. I love the smell of this product and the smell seems to last a long time which is not usual for my hair. The only critics my  do have is that it’s a sort of jelly like texture which means that I tend to use more than I need.
Again like the shampoo it smells lovely and is fine for every day use however as someone it guilty of a little home dying and a lot of home straightening I need somthing to do that bit extra conditioning and that’s where my next product comes in.
Conditioning treatment
So I haven’t talked about anything Lush yet in my blog but now is certainly a good time to do it. I love this product, it makes my hair feel amazing. It’s easier to brush, smother after blow drying and visibly looks less damaged. I would highly reckoned this product! 
So that’s my ‘in shower haircare’, watch out for my ‘out if shower haircare’ this week.
Do you have any haircare recommendations, I’d love to hear which products you use