Hand and nail care – not tested on animals

Hi everyone

I really struggle to keep my hand from getting dry. I am not really sure what makes my hand so dry, I work in an office so it could be the paper or tapping away on my laptop, it could be the air con or the hand dryers or it could just be doing house hold chores. Whatever the reason it is a constant battle to fend off dry skin. So I have found a few products from companies that don’t test on animals that seem to be doing the trick.


So its a bit of a random mixture of products but let me explain them. Firstly you may have spotted that the first product is actually a body wash it is the Original Source mint and tee tree body scrub. I really like Original source generally as there products are so good and smell amazing, I find that this scrub is not ‘scrubby’ enough for most of my body I use exfoliating gloves as I do like to have a really good scrub but I find this is perfect for my hands to give them a good scrub but without being too rough to get rid of all the dead skin and get my hands ready for the moisturiser. This cost around a £1 and I got this and another body wash 2 for £2 so really affordable.


Next is use a hand cream and my current one is the Superdrug strengthen nail moisturiser for hands. I like this cream as it is really good to take to work as it soaks in really quickly and I don’t have to sit there with greasy hands for ages waiting for this to dry. It also lasts really well as I tend to try and put this on once an hour (I have good days and bad days). This cost around £2 from Superdrug.

Another current hand cream I am using is the Primark Argon oil hand cream. I really like Primark generally but like with the clothes you need to be choosy as it can be hit and miss as to the quality.  This is one of the good ones again it soaks in really well and smells good. It is quite subtle which I like because I wear perfume and I don’t want my moisturiser to over power that smell. This is a smaller tube which is good for traveling or keeping in my handbag. This was also really good value at £1. I do tend to go for cruelty free products not just not tested on animals but this is one to keep in mind.


The last couple of products are a bit random as they are actually body moisturisers. However I really like to use them before bed on my hands as they smell so amazing so this is the Primark Body soufflé in cucumber and peppermint and the Lush Once upon a time body lotion. The Primark soufflé is amazing, it is so fresh and clean. It is probably too much to wear in the day due to the peppermint but for evening its lovely. This only cost £2.50 so it is very affordable.

The Lush Once upon a time is one of my favourite body lotions and I do use it as a body lotion but I like to use this just before bed on my hands just to refresh the smell (as well as moisturise). This is the most expensive product at £6.50 and looking at the UK website I don’t seem to be able to find this so if you did want this I think you can still get it on ebay. I’m sure I could recommend a million other Lush moisturisers though if you cant find this one. (sad face)


So that is a run down of the hand products I use however I am always up for recommendation so please let me know if you have use any good products even if they are not 100% designed for hands. I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading