Lush bath bomb haul


It has been ages since I have done a lush haul, I am well overdue. I’ve been tending to buy quite practical things from Lush at the moment like my henna hair dye but with the weather starting to turn more wintry I decided it was time to stock up on my bath bombs ready for bath season.

I tend to make my purchases based on the level of relaxation they offer so you will see there is a distinct theme to my haul. So I thought I would go through them and do a review on each.Some of these I have tried before and other are new to me. I haven’t brought ‘the latest’ products as I just buy what I like when ever it came out and I wasn’t really looking for Halloween bath bombs – although some of the Christmas ones caught my eye! So lets get into the products.

Lets start off with the Twilight bath bomb, first of all it smells amazing! It contains lavender oil, Tonka oil, Benzoin Resinoid and Ylang Ylang oil. All designed for relaxation, balancing and lifting your mood as well as adding that lovely sweat smell. The main smell for me is lavender, its really fresh and clean. The heat of the bath and the steam coming off of it emphasis the fragrances in this bath bomb. In the bath it creates a really bright pink colour but then sort of spins off into purples and blues, its literally amazing. This costs £3.29 so kind of a mid range bath bomb in terms of price.

Next is the Deep sleep bath bomb, this is the most beautiful and deep colour purple and just a little unusual as it comes wrapped in a Muslim cloth. The key ingredients in this bomb are lavender flowers and oil and Neroli. Neroli cheers you up and helps you feel peaceful so really good if you have had a long and stressful day. As you can imagine this is bright purple in your bath, its a really intense colour in the bath and doesn’t loose any of the colour and perfect to help you have a really good night sleep. The Muslim cloth is biodegradable as well which is amazing and in true Lush form. It costs £4.96 for this bath bomb so one of the slightly higher priced one but it does have a special feel to it so well worth it.

Next is a bath bomb I have had  few times called the Ickle baby bot bath bomb and this is the cheapest bath bomb Lush do at £2.08, a real bargain!  This is actually designed for babies to soothe them to sleep but for me its really soothing for adults too so I don’t want to miss out of the zzzzzz’s. The key ingredients are lavender oil, chamomile and Australian sandalwood oil so again relaxing and soothing. The sandalwood oil is to make the other fragrances last longer, I just love the attention to detail.

The Butterball bath bomb is another of Lush’s more reasonably priced bath bombs at £2.46. It contains cococa butter and is designed for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It also contains Ylang Ylang oil and the smell is really subtle but really sweat. It doesn’t have the wow factor of other bath bombs when you run it under the taps but its a really good basic if you are trying out bath bombs for the first time.

Next is the Peachy bath bomb, this is all glittery and bright. Its a really big bath bombs as well compared to the others I brought even bigger than the Deep sleep bath bomb in the muslin cloth. It was designed for valentines day but to be honest I buy any of them all year around rather than just special occasions. It contains fresh peach juice which I really like the idea of. It also contains grapefruit oil, Davana oil which smells like apricot and Elemi oil which has a citrus smell. To me it smells like a cocktail and is the only one really that I wouldn’t use to relax before bed. It actually feels like it would be nice after a day at the beach to relax after a hot day at the beach. This cost £4.13 so again a mid range bath bomb and a good price for a gift as well.

Finally I have The comforter bath bomb which cost me £3.29. I am not sure but from the description it reads like a Christmas bath bomb. It contains casis which smells like blackberry, bergamot oil which is zesty and citruses and cypress oil which is good for sore muscles and to detoxify the skin. The colours don’t remind me of Christmas so I am not sure. It doesn’t make the bath water a really bright pick colour which I love, its literally luminous and it smells so good.

So that is my Lush haul for today. Do you have a favorite bath bomb? I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks for reading