My 6 most commonly asked vegan questions

Hi everyone

Since going vegan there have been a number of question I get asked over and over again. Veganism has been around for ages and it is growing in popularity by the day, I think its around 2% of the population in 2020. However I think most vegan will agree they are often the only vegan or one of few vegans in there friend or family group and there are a lot of curious people out there. So I thought I would give my take on the questions I get asked a lot.

If you had chickens in your garden would you eat the eggs?

In theory yes!

Chickens will lay eggs regardless, even if they were wild with no human intervention and not all of the eggs get fertilised. I personally I don’t eat eggs because I don’t believe ‘Free range’ is a thing. Battery farming is unacceptable but we have been led to believe that free range involves these happy hens running around with unrestricted room. I don’t believe this to be the case, there are very specific restrictions about what you must provide for free range chicken and for me it is a box ticking exercise. Its a step forward from battery but not something I feel is ok. Chickens regardless of there home are killed very early and males are killed almost at birth as they do not produce eggs and are therefore a by product!

So the things I don’t agree with in theory would not be an issue if I kept my own chickens. So if I had owned chickens before I went vegan then likely the answer would be yes. For me though after living for over 4 years without eggs I don’t believe they need to be part of a healthy lifestyle and so in short for as long as I can get the same nutrients elsewhere I will.

If you had your own bees would you eat the honey?

Its a no from me!

Honey is slightly different to eggs and it is the life source for bees, if they don’t have honey they will die. There are some unethical practices associated with bees including replacing the honey with a sugar alternative leading to poorer health for the bees which I do not agree with. Here are some more unethical practices you can read about

What if everyone stopped eating meat tomorrow – what would the cows do?

We just wouldn’t have so many cows, cows are bred for meat and for the dairy industry so the numbers of cows (and other animals) would dwindle down until we got a natural amount like to wild animals. It would take some time and a decision would have to be made about the currently living animals e.g. do we release them into a the wild to fend for themselves, kill them or feed them and look after them until they naturally die. None of these are ideal but for me better than the lives most of the animals current live.

Why don’t you drink milk – don’t cows like to be milked?

Cows like humans only produce milk in order to feed there young. I think this is such a big misconception that cows just produce milk all the time. So the answer is cows like to produce milk to feed there babies!

Are we not hurting hurting the plants?

Plants have no nervous system, which means they can’t feel anything. Also animals eat plants so we are kind of just cutting out the middle man (or cow, pig, chicken)

If you were starving on a desert island and a pig ran past you would you kill and eat it?

The truth is I have no idea. I am lucky enough to be able to say have never been starving in my life and so I have never felt what I can only imagine as being physical and mental pain and desperation. I believe that I would try every other option first and I would not lightly choose this route. To turn this around I suppose … if you were on an island where you had everything you needed and could choose to kill an animal to eat or to eat plants would you still eat animals?

Hope you enjoyed my little Q&A, what questions do you get asked as a vegan, have I missed any?

Thanks for reading