My allotment – courgettes

Hi everyone

If there is one thing that we did have a lot of luck with is our courgettes, I would potentially go as far as saying too much luck as we ended up with about 100 courgettes and that is literally no exaggeration.  So although we were very successful there are some things I would do differently so here are my top 5 tips.

  1. Don’t plant too many – I bet you saw that one coming! We planted 2 packets of seeds and the picture below shows one packet and the amount of plants we got. This year I will plant half a packet of seeds and that is it so we get some but a really small amount.

2. Pick them while they are small. If you look at the size of the courgettes in the shops then I would say that or slightly bigger is what you want. Other wise and this is the mistake we made they turn into marrows. Now there is nothing wrong with this as such but what happens is the skin becomes to hard to eat even after cooking which means you are left with only the middle which to me make it only good for mushy things. I like courgettes to keep there shape and provide an alternative to meat.

3. Give them plenty of water, the issue with this is that you shouldn’t get water on the leaves which does make it hard to water with a hose pipe. The tip we were given was to put a pot with holes in the patch and then the pot will water the courgettes.

4. Courgettes love the sun, this is an obvious thing to say as most plants prefer a sunny patch in the allotment but it becomes important if your allotment has any shade or cover over patches as well as patches that get more sun than others.

5. Courgettes do not like the cold or the frost so be really careful about when you plant them and also keep your eye on the weather. If the weather is usually cold or frosty then it is best to cover the courgettes until it passes.

So that is my top tips f0r looking after your courgettes, enjoy!

Thank you for reading