My allotment – potatoes and my top 5 tips for growing them

Hi everyone

One of my favorite things to grow at my allotment is potatoes. We eat potatoes with everything, boiled, chips, baked or fried so it was one of the things that we were really keen to get a good amount grown. They are actually a reasonably easy thing to grow so even as novices we got a good crop but we did learn some tips along the way about how to make it an even better crop.

  1. Potatoes need sun – I know that sounds really obvious but my allotment is next to an orchard and the orchard as beautiful as it is does lean over some of my patches. The ones where the orchard trees cover the patches didn’t grow as fast as they didn’t get much sun. This year we have been really careful to plant them in the sunnier patches
  2. Plant potatoes in trenches – We took advice from our allotment neighbour and planted our potatoes in trenches. The trenches need to be about 6-8 inches high with the potatoes right in the middle. They grew really well where we made an effort to keep the trenches up. We had a lot of rain and this flattened the trenches we had built so we just kept building them back up when it was dry enough

3. Be careful what you plant next to your potatoes – plants such as cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, tomatoes, or raspberries attract the same pests so it is best to avoid them if you can.

4. Potatoes love manure – we had some left over manure from the person who had the allotment before us and we actually just dumped it in the closest plot to the pile to make life easier. We found that the potatoes in that plot flourished, we still grew really good potatoes in the other plots but the ones with the manure were amazing.

5. Potatoes like water but not too much –  we water all our plant really well but we were told early on not to drench the potatoes as they like moist but not soggy soil. You cant control the rain but you can control your watering can.

So that is my potato haul and my top 5 tips for growing them successfully. I am sure there are so many experience allotmentiers out there with some fantastic tips, we are newbies really but I have got some many tips from blog I really hopeful this is useful to someone starting out like we were

Thanks for reading.