My allotment – rhubarb picking

Hi everyone

One of the things that was growing really well was a patch of rhubarb right at the back of our allotment that was just happily getting on with life. It wasn’t something we had planted but I was really happy it was there. Rhubarb reminds me of the times I used to go to my grandma and grandads and she used to make rhubarb crumble and evaporated milk for pudding.

Our patch is about one metre by one metre and was full of rhubarb so of course we decided that we would take a batch home to cook into a crumble. It was also covered in weeds but that didn’t seem to stop the rhubarb, I think it was popular during the war as it was sweet and hardy!

The rhubarb we cut is largely the same as you would expect if you had ever brought it in the shop but with these massive green leaves on top. They do make it look pretty though. It also has these weird almost bark like bottoms just above the root which are quite weird, they are soggy and so thick. To cut down rhubarb you cut just above the bark like roots which sit just above the soil, it cuts really easily.

Rhubarb is quite firm but also soft enough to cut through with sheers and once you have cut it from the root you can just do the same just under the leaf. The rhubarb we had was really random in term of the size and width. I think this is because the poor thing had been swamped with weeds so some of it had a better chance of growing.

I tried to keep it to the large strands to ensure we let the younger and sun deprived rhubarb grow. I did accidentally cut down the cutest piece of rhubarb below and now I feel really bad.

We had a huge amount of rhubarb which I cut down in to thumb size pieces at home. I cooked it down in the same way that my grandmas used to do with sugar and a little bit of water till it was soft. I then made crumble (recipe that I do have on my blog) and made a yummy rhubarb crumble which I then added cream (vegan of course) to and ate lots of.

Thanks for reading