My allottment – building our own ‘greenhouse’

Hi everyone

Our next job was to clear another patch that had a lot of very rotten brussels sprouts in, I love brussels sprouts (with butter and pepper) so I was very disappointed that they had already rotted but never the less they had to go. The patch with the brussels was a big patch and had home made wooden posts so we wanted to make sure we preserved as much as possible.

Its really hard when you first get a new allotment to know what has been in each patch as you need to rotate crops – something that I will be writing a post about soon.

When thinking about what we wanted to do with this patch the thing that we felt we were missing was a greenhouse. Greenhouses are not the cheapest and as we had only just got the allotment we couldn’t really afford to shell out loads of money straight away. We decided to do a make shift greenhouse.

We started by re using the wooden post that were already on our allotment to make the border around the entire patch. We put them together nails and cable ties including some middle wooden post in to support the outside square, not scientific or professional but it worked. This made us a solid (ish) base for the ‘greenhouse’.

To make the greenhouse bit we got two packets of polythene from our local B&Q. This cost us around £7 each. We then spread them over the top of our wooden structure and sealed it with nails and then heavy duty Sellotape (don’t laugh). It took us so long to do as the wind was so strong and we had to keep the material as tight as possible with minimal gaps. This is the reason for the Sellotape as although we attached this there were tiny gaps that we needed to seal.

We had very high hopes for it and even back towards the beginning of the year when I suppose we were going into spring rather than it being spring it was like a sauna in there so perfect for the more delicate plants that cant stand the rain, wind and frostier mornings. When I got cold I just went and sat in there.

After a long slog we filled this with the more delicate vegetables including tomatoes, chilli’s and herbs. I don’t have a lot of pictures from this as as we were just so busy doing it but hopefully you can see from the photo and get a feel for it.

We also made ourselves a little video below that gives an overview of the ‘greenhouse’.


The manager of our allotment said to us that this what is was all about, little projects and trying things out to see what works – progress not perfection. I think that is actually a really good way to live life!

Thanks for reading